These Teens Met a Sweet Old Lady at a Casino and Took the Most Adorable Bathroom Selfies

Image source: Mahri Smith
Image source: Mahri Smith

If you’re searching for a reason to smile today, look no further because we couldn’t help but gush over a sweet, feel-good moment provided by a group of Canadian teens and our new favorite Grandma.

Mahri Smith, 18, has taken the year off to model and wanted to blow off some steam with her girlfriends. Recently, they went out to a local casino “where there’s the club and dinner area” for a night out. While primping in the bathroom, they encountered an adorable elderly lady. Smith tells Babble, “A lady came in and was so chatty with me and kind … she had said she missed going out with girlfriends and dressing up.”

The teens certainly couldn’t let this woman feel left out! So, Smith encourage the woman to join them for some bathroom selfies. “I just said ‘we are your girlfriends like look at you, you look gorgeous!'” The final result is amazing, of course. After snapping some fun photos, the girls continued their night out while the woman went back to her husband (surely with a fun tale to tell!).

Image source: Mahri Smith
Image source: Mahri Smith

The teen’s favorite part about the whole moment? “Just seeing her face light up when we were talking with her.”

Smith says that she took to Twitter to share the special moment “because it made me smile.” After sharing the encounter on Twitter yesterday, the post has gone viral with over 57K retweets and 192K likes.

Image source: Mahri Smith
Image source: Mahri Smith

“There’s so much bad and negative things going on in the world and I know it brightened my day and seeing how many lives it’s touched makes me feel so blessed that I had the chance to do so,” says Smith.

We agree, this moment has us smiling from ear-to-ear.

h/t: Buzzfeed

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