Mom Surprises 3-Year-Old with Birthday Breakfast and He Is Not Here for It

I am not a fan of mornings. No matter how much sleep I get the night before, I moan and groan when the alarm goes off. Sometimes I want to whine, pull my covers back over my head in the ultimate gesture of, “I don’t wanna.” I mitigate this by having a cup of coffee before I have to talk to anyone — and only the fact that I’m an adult responsible for getting two small humans up and off to school keeps me from refusing to get out of bed completely. I am still not a fan of mornings and probably never will be.

Just like Walter Harrell. Walter is 3, and he is my people.

He hates mornings as much as I do … I dare say even more than I do, as evidenced by this video of his birthday breakfast that went awry.

His family decided to start his third birthday off on a happy note, with songs and breakfast in bed. Even a dedicated anti-morning person like me might warm up a little if you come bearing food — but not Walter. Walter is a hardcore morning-hater.

Not only was he clearly unimpressed by the food and the early-morning family songfest, he was downright salty. This breakfast was clearly made with love, but one look at the 3-year-old’s facial expressions tells us the gesture was anything but well-received.

We spy eggs and some other yummy things on the tray that his mom is carrying, but one look at Walter’s face tells us she might as well have been carrying a plate of cold, soggy broccoli with a side of cat food (or insert whatever gross food that would make your lip curl up in absolute disgust).

His mom, Meg Harrell, called the exercise in birthday cheer an “epic fail.”

Harrell shares with Babble that she knew her son wasn’t a morning person, but that she’d talked to him about having breakfast in bed for his birthday, and that he’d seemed excited.

That is, until he wasn’t.

“I had no idea how mad he would get when we interrupted his sleep!” shares Harrell, who authors the blog Meg for It. “He does love his sleep.”

Yep. We believe it. Unless you’re one of those bouncy, perky Tiggers that burst out of bed wide awake and happy, we can all raise our coffee cups in solidarity to Walter.

Walter, I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess your fourth birthday is probably NOT going to include breakfast in bed (maybe brunch is still on the table?). I’m also going to guess your family will laugh about this one for a long time to come.

We get it, dude. Sometimes, mornings just stink.

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