This Video Comparing ’80s Moms to 2018 Moms on Halloween Is Giving Us Life Right Now

The endless list of things that have changed about parenting since we were kids is pretty much laughable at this point.

In the ’80s, our moms would let us take off on our bikes after breakfast — sans helmets, of course — and not be too concerned if they didn’t hear from us until dinner. They let us stay home alone at questionably young ages, fed us processed foods without guilt, and left us in the car unattended while running into the grocery store.

And on and on and on it goes.

Meredith Masony, of the parenting blog That’s Inappropriate, knows this all too well, and in a new viral video, she’s outlined pretty much all the ways in which ’80s moms differ from 2018 moms when it comes to one of the best nights of the year: Halloween.

In the clip, Masony channels a spandex-wearing mom from the ’80s who wears braces, loves Jazzercise, and is totally cool with her kids wielding giant knives from the kitchen to carve their own pumpkins.

Meredith Masony of That's Inappropriate poses as a 1988 mom.
Image Source: That’s Inappropriate/Facebook

’80s Mom wasn’t staying up all night trying to execute insanely complicated costumes she saw on Pinterest. Or sifting through our candy stash, making sure to remove anything with artificial dyes or too much sugar. NOPE. She was doing her own thing, and letting us do ours. (Within reason, of course.)

“My parents never knew where I was, and now we know where our kids are every second of every day,” Masony tells Babble of her inspiration for the clip. “It was pretty easy to come up with various comparisons.”

Masony also teams up with Tiffany Jenkins, the hilarious mom behind the blog Juggling the Jenkins, who portrays 2018 Mom — a hot yoga-loving Pinterest aficionado with moderate to severe anxiety. (I mean, probably.) She’ll stay up all night crafting an insanely complicated costume for you that she saw on Pinterest, and rifle through your candy stash to weed out anything with artificial dyes or too much sugar.

Tiffany Jenkins of Juggling the Jenkins channels 2018 mom with a Starbucks cup.
Image Source: That’s Inappropriate/Facebook

The result? One laugh out loud video that will have you near tears (in a good way).

This isn’t the first time Masony and Jenkins have teamed up with hilarious results. They also host the parenting advice podcast “Take It Or Leave It” together, and have filmed an ’80s moms vs. 2018 moms video together before. (FYI, they say they’ll also be releasing one near Christmas — so get ready.)

As for Masony, she says she’s definitely more of an ’80s mom herself, and identifies with a more laid-back parenting style.

“I think we need to pick and choose our battles with our kids,” she says. “We can’t enjoy every moment. A lot of parenting is enduring moments and that is perfectly fine. I think many moms today have so much pressure on them and it isn’t healthy. I think its time we take a step back and give ourselves a break.”

Amen to that.

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