Quick-Thinking 4-Year-Old Hailed a “Hero” After Saving Her Family from a Devastating Fire

Mesha Farland and her mother Amri pose smiling for a photo.
Image Source: Amri Payne

When you think of the word hero, what image comes to mind? My kids would probably say Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman. But this week, after helping to save her family as their house became engulfed in flames, a new hero has made the news: A 4-year-old from Jacksonville, Florida named Mesha Farland.

Mesha’s mom Amri Payne recently told Jacksonville’s Channel 4 News that her daughter was the first to see the flames and immediately alerted her mother. Thank goodness she did, as News4Jax reports that “coils from a bunk bed were all that was left in the room where the fire started.”

“The kid’s room is completely destroyed,” Amri told the news station. “The roof is pretty much done. There’s smoke everywhere. Barely anything is going to be salvageable.”

But because of her 4-year-old’s quick thinking, Amri and her other family members are safe.

“When I was playing with my baby brother, I looked back and saw flames,” Mesha told News4Jax. “There was a bunch of smoke everywhere.”

So she did the best thing possible — ran and told her mom.

Mesha Farland smiles at the camera while sitting on the couch.
Image Source: Amri Payne

Knowing that Mesha’s 2-year-old brother Sage was in the room where the fire started, the first thing Amri did was grab him and get everyone out of the house. Once she saw the fire’s devastation, she knew just how lucky they all were to get out in time.

As incredible as Mesha’s actions were, her mom says it’s no surprise her smart little girl knew just what to do.

“She is one in a million,” Amri tells Babble. “She has always been brave and very curious. She loves asking questions, she is very honest and opinionated, and she loves helping as much as possible. She is my little princess, she will even tell you that.”

Now, she can also add “hero” to that list.

Mesha Farland hugs her grandmother tight while standing on the backyard patio,
Image Source: Amri Payne

When News4Jax asked little Mesha how she feels about being a hero, the little spit-fire responded, “Good! I love being a hero.” (You have to love her honesty and pride.)

Amri, who also has a 7-year old son and an 11-year old stepson, says the cause of the fire is still unknown. With the help of the Red Cross, the family is trying to get back on their feet, but they’ve got a lot to overcome.

Having a child like Mesha, however, is inspiring.

“No matter what happens, your kids can and will always help you,” Amri tells Babble. “They are brave and smart, and honestly, my kids are making me push forward no matter the situation. Nothing is impossible — it may seem like it, is but it’s not.”

Thanks, sweet Mesha, for teaching us all that valuable lesson, and for showing us that heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

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