To All Moms Struggling to Be Perfect: “You Got This”

About a month ago, there was a particular evening that stood out for me. Because it was raining, my kids were stuck inside where they proceeded to go absolutely bonkers, crawling up the walls, fighting, yelling, throwing toys, and causing general mayhem. In a desperate moment of needing sanity and peace, I lied and screamed over the chaos that I had to pee and would be right back. You know what I did? I sat on the toilet seat and cried like a blubbering idiot because I couldn’t handle my own kids.

In those few moments of self-depreciating solitude, I really could have used a pick-me-up, which makes me feel all the more grateful for women like Mia Carella who shared a powerful message to moms in the trenches — just like me — titled “To the Mom Struggling to Hold Her Sh*t Together.”

The blogger shared this letter on Scary Mommy, which popular Facebook page Love What Matters then posted — receiving over 3.3K likes and 1.2K shares because it struck a serious chord with many. The message? YOU GOT THIS, MOMS! And speaking as a struggling mom, myself … I will admit that I got pretty dang teary-eyed reading it.

The post, which features a smiling Carella and her beautiful daughter, outlines examples when moms are on the brink of freaking out from the stress of trying to keep up with the idea of what a good mom is — and balanced with the reality of what motherhood is actually like. And lemme just tell ya, IT AIN’T EASY!

“I know you worry that you are not patient enough, present enough, fun enough, or even enough at all. I know too often you feel overwhelmed, disorganized, and flawed,” she writes. “I know all these things because I feel them too. I don’t see you, but I am you.”

Are you feeling the love yet? No? Let me share more. Carella went on to poignantly highlight how much pressure we mothers put on ourselves.

“No, I do not see you struggling, Mama. In fact, it is quite likely that the only one who sees what you view as your ‘weaknesses’ is you.” She continues, “You’re not the only one who feels like they’re dropping the ball in one way or another. It is okay. That is why we have each other … You got this, Mama.”

The post is racking up a ton of comments from fellow stressed out moms who are feeling her message.

One mom wrote, “I always thought the other moms were smarter, prettier, richer … As I’ve gotten older, I realized I did the best I could with who I was at that time. They’ve all grown up to be wonderful people that I’m very proud of.”

Another mom chimed in with, “This spoke to me in SO MANY LEVELS. My God. I needed to read this. THANK YOU.”

Motherhood is damn HARD. We rally for our kids every day in the quiet behind-the-scenes kind of ways, like cleaning, cooking, soothing, reassuring, and organizing … to name a few. When we go to bed, we stress out about our failures because our number one goal is making sure that these little humans that we created have it better than we did.

Thank you to Mia Carella for writing such a lovely and poignant open letter to hard working moms everywhere. I sure appreciate it!

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