Man Who Third-Wheeled His Best Friend’s Wedding Photos Is Back for the Baby Announcement

There’s a saying that all good ideas come from Pinterest. Okay, not really. But it sure seems that way, doesn’t it? Well, for a photographer and a few friends from small-town Ohio, a cute Pinterest idea turned into a viral sensation. The recipe: A cute couple, a sense of humor, and a third wheel.

Kody Frysinger and Mitch Jolliff have been best friends since their early high school football days. So when Kody starting cozying up with a new girl junior year, Mitch was always there too. In fact, Mitch was such a permanent fixture in their lives that when Kody and his girlfriend Brittney got engaged, they included their pal Mitch in the photo shoot. And he happily played along.

Image Source: Lindsey Berger/Country Roads Photography

Photographer Lindsey Berger of Country Roads Photography tells Babble that since the engagement photo was such a hit, she then thought it would be funny to do a “follow up” photo of the couple with Mitch “just to show everyone how poor Mitch is handling the wedding.” The picture went viral and was shared over 150,000 times, growing Berger’s photography page from 4,000 to 34,000 followers in just one week.

So when the couple from Arlington, Ohio announced they were expecting, of course, their pal Mitch had to be in that photo shoot as well.

Image Source: Lindsey Berger/Country Roads Photography

“The initial idea for our engagement photos came from a picture I saw on Pinterest while looking for some wedding inspiration,” Brittney tells Babble. “Since Mitch and Kody are pretty well inseparable at times, I thought it would be funny for us to do, and they both went along with it! We’ve talked about doing follow up photos someday when Mitch gets engaged/married, but I also think it would be cute to do one with all the boys once our little guy arrives.”

Yes, please keep this hilarious tradition going at each new milestone! And as you’d imagine, Berger will probably be all over that plan, telling Babble she loves incorporating humor into her photos.

“This world is all too serious sometimes and honestly, it can get depressing,” she tells Babble. “So, why not share fun and joy?! I’m a super lighthearted person and I enjoy making people laugh! I’ve had my fair share of incredibly moving sessions that would bring you to tears and those are absolutely amazing, however if we can laugh, let’s laugh!!”

She said she’s done silly maternity shoots where Dad sticks out his belly to match Mom’s. She often will get a wedding party laughing too, as the boys gives the girls flowers and and girls pretend-mock the boys.

“I do and say whatever I need to in order to get the reaction I need out of them,” says Berger. “I just like photos that tell a story as opposed to looking at the camera and fake smiling.”

And her latest shot — of pregnant Brittney kissing Kody and a baffled Mitch pointing to tiny baby shoes — does not disappoint.

This crew looks like they’re having a good time, and we look forward to all the “third wheel” photo shoots to come!

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