Mom Gives Birth at Target, with Help from a Delivery Nurse Who Stopped in for Some Shoes

Word to the wise, pregnant ladies: Even if you think you have a birth plan in place, the universe might have something else in mind altogether. After all, there was the mom who ended up giving birth in a grocery store bathroom earlier this year in Canada. And the woman who suddenly had her baby on a plane … somewhere between Fort Lauderdale and Dallas.

Point is, babies sometimes arrive unexpectedly — and make their grand entrances at the most inopportune times. Like right in the middle of Target, for example.

Such was the case for Georgia mom Tanya St. Preux, who told Parents earlier this week that she started feeling labor pains on August 25, but didn’t think she was close to active labor yet. Being that this was her fourth kid, and the pains came an hour apart before stopping, she thought she had plenty of time. So she did what any other mom would do when she had a moment to herself, and a shopping list a mile long: She went to Target.

It wasn’t until she was inside the store that St. Preux reportedly realized she was in actual labor, and needed help. Lucky for her, her calls for help got the attention of Lisa Bozeman, who was shopping nearby with her daughter, Caris Lockwood — who just happened to be a labor and delivery nurse. (Talk about incredible odds!)

“I was just trying on shoes when my mom kind of motioned me over,” Lockwood later told Fox 5 News.

Lockwood convinced St. Preux to leave for the hospital, but as soon as St. Preux’s friend brought the car around, time had run out. The baby was coming.

Lockwood sprang into action, delivering the baby right there herself.

“I didn’t know she was going to deliver that fast at first, but then she had a really painful contraction and her water broke,” she told WXIA/NBC. “As a labor and delivery nurse, I kind of knew what was about to happen.”

Sending her sister Joy into the store to get sterile surgical gloves and towels, Lockwood delivered St. Preux’s baby boy on the spot.

Piedmont Healthcare later shared this Facebook post from the scene, which quickly went viral.

An ordinary trip to Target quickly became extraordinary for Piedmont Atlanta Hospital labor and delivery nurse Caris…

Posted by Piedmont Healthcare on Monday, September 25, 2017

“An ordinary trip to Target quickly became extraordinary for Piedmont Atlanta Hospital labor and delivery nurse Caris Lockwood,” the post’s caption read. “Fellow shopper Tanya St. Preux went into active labor as she was shopping, so Caris jumped right in to deliver the 7-pound, 10-ounce healthy baby boy right there at the store’s entrance.”

Needless to say, the entire thing was one big moment of serendipity. Not only was it a near-miracle that Lockwood was there to assist so quickly, but two other nurses wound up stopping as well, according to Inside Edition — an ER nurse and an NICU nurse!

“I think the right people were in the right place, and it was just one of those surreal things,” Lockwood told WXIA/NBC.

No kidding! Best wishes to this mom, her new baby boy and the heroic nurse who saved the day.

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