Mom Honors Late Fiancé with Beautiful Newborn Photo Shoot

Newborn photographers capture some of those first precious moments of a baby’s life, producing beautiful photos that you’ll have to look back on for years to come.

Kim Stone is one such photographer, and she recently had the chance to shoot a newborn baby girl, named Aubrey, with very unusual props — a motorcycle helmet and gloves. The story behind these unorthodox props is even more touching than the photo itself.

You see, Aubrey’s father, Hector Ferrer, loved his motorcycle. When he found out that he was going to be a father, he always remembered to wear his protective equipment to ensure that he would be there for his baby girl. Aubrey’s mother, Kathryn Williams, also loved his bike, and wanted to include the whole family in rides when Aubrey was old enough. However, one month before little Aubrey was born, and before Williams and Ferrer could get married, his life was taken by “someone he considered a friend” in an event unrelated to riding the bike.

In memory of her late fiancé, Williams had newborn Aubrey photographed with Ferrer’s motorcycle helmet and gloves, which tenderly appear to be “holding” her.

“They say that angels are talking to babies when they smile in their sleep. I guess maybe that’s true,” Stone wrote in the caption of the heartbreaking photo shared on Facebook. The post has now reached 333k likes, 13k comments, and 73k shares.

Commenters have expressed support for the family, with one writing, “Her dad was there with her. Heartbreaking photo. Beautiful baby.”

“What a beautiful picture and so very sad at the same time,” wrote another.

Williams was also very grateful to the photographer for the poignant and emotional photograph. “[The photo has] a connection to the father she never met but that loved her dearly and wanted to be a daddy to her and husband to her mommy more than anything else in the world!” wrote Williams.

All newborn photos are precious, but I’m sure this one will always hold a special meaning for little Aubrey and her family.

h/t: PopSugar Moms

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