Mom Pens Thank You Letter to the Cashier Who Helped Calm Down Her Daughter with Autism, Instead of Judging

It’s the littlest things that can make the biggest difference.

Mother Amanda Wilkins experienced this firsthand while shopping at a Morrisons grocery store in Basingstoke, England. As we all know, grocery shopping with kids can be quite the challenge, but for Wilkins, this weekly task is made even more difficult with two daughters who both have autism and are registered blind.

So on Saturday when Wilkins left for the store to pick up milk and and other food items, she was at her wits end when both of her girls started to have meltdowns in the checkout aisle.

But luckily, one “very kind lady” at the checkout counter offered to help. The Morrisons employee took one of Wilkins’ daughters behind the counter to help scan the grocery items, and distract her from the dull activity that is grocery shopping.

Wilkins described the sweet moment as “a dream come true” for her daughter, Holly, who loves playing “shops.”

Filled with gratitude, Wilkins wrote a thank you note on Facebook, thanking the woman for helping instead of judging. “It melts my heart to come across people that are prepared to go the extra mile,” Wilkins wrote in the Facebook post.

The post, published on May 7, has received 555K likes, 103K shares, and hundreds of comments, further proving that people really do appreciate acts of kindness. With all of the negative news we hear on a daily basis, it’s nice to take a moment to appreciate the little things.

“Well done Lin. What a lovely lady xx,” wrote one commenter.

“This World could do with many more people like you Lin. What a fantastic way to help xx,” wrote another.

And these commenters aren’t the only ones publicly thanking this kind Morrisons employee. Learning of her good deed, the Morrisons store manager, Simon Nellis, commented on the picture stating:

“That’s my Lin! Thanks for sharing this — I make a massive fuss of my team when they do great, natural things for our customers like this and they also go on our Wall of Fame. I can now do this with Lin.”

Along with being featured on the “Wall of Fame,” the supermarket cashier also received a gift card and a bouquet of flowers.

We hope you’re enjoying all of this praise, Lin. You deserve it.

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