20 #MomProblems You’ve Probably Had

Image Source: Jen Simon
Image Source: Jen Simon

Sometimes annoying things happen that no one other than a fellow parent will understand. Sure, it’s not dire; the world isn’t ending, but it slows down your day. It makes things harder. These are #momproblems, my friends, and here are a few I think you’ll recognize:

  1. Your son refuses to eat his favorite food because the package was redesigned, even though it tastes exactly the same.
  2. Your younger daughter will only eat what her older brother is eating, but your son refuses to eat the same thing as his sister.
  3. The day you remember to record more Blue’s Clues is the day they’re airing the ones you’ve already DVRed.
  4. The only time your early riser sleeps in is the day you booked a 6AM flight.
  5. Conversely, the one day your good sleeper wakes up early? A snow day, of course.
  6. Tissue-less. You thought it was safe to pick what you thought was your son’s dry, flakey booger. Too bad it turned out to be a big, slimy, gooey mess.
  7. Dilemma: Wash your daughter’s disgusting lovey or let her keep it in order to stave off the inevitable meltdown.
  8. By the time you grab your phone to immortalize the two seconds your children aren’t fighting, they start fighting.
  9. Your son’s favorite food that you just bought a case of at Costco? He hates it now.
  10. You let your daughter choose her own haircut and then she hates you for letting her cut her hair.
  11. Your toddler thinks your wine is juice and screams when you won’t share it.
  12. When your toddler is SO proud of himself for learning to say “clock.” Except he doesn’t pronounce the “l.”
  13. At the gas station, you only have enough change to either vacuum the car (staving off your husband’s meltdown) or buy a treat for your little one (staving off their meltdown).
  14. You get super excited to see the kids didn’t get into the makeup you left out. Only to realize the one thing they used was your favorite, discontinued lipstick.
  15. Although you brought an extra set of clothes for your son on the airplane, it’s you he chooses to vomit on.
  16. Your daughter finally has a BFF she wants to play with all the time — too bad you can’t stand her friend’s mother.
  17. The one day you remember to pack your kid a lunch is pizza day.
  18. Need a Band-Aid? You’re out because the kids wear them. Or decorate with them. Or treat them like stickers.
  19. The restaurant gives your kids crayons (yay) but THE BLUE ONE BROKE! NOOOO!!!
  20. When you’re all out of wine.
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