Mom Gives Kids’ Playhouse a DIY Twist By Adding a 3-Car Garage

Image source: Angie Taylor

A playhouse from Kmart was this year’s highly sought-after item for the holidays in Australia. It has since sold out, but what parents have been doing to improve the item is truly #ParentingGoals.

This darling little playhouse, that features a simple wooden design with white shutters, has inspired creativity from parents who have transformed them using paint and various accessories. But one mom really took things to another level by constructing a separate add-on — a three-port car garage to house three “luxury” mini-vehicles.

Australian mom Angie Taylor tells Babble that she had bought an electric car for her now 4-year-old son a couple years ago and that it has been a favorite toy of his. As any parent can attest to, kids are hard on their toys — and the ones that stay outside get the worst of it. Taylor says her son’s car became “really weather damaged” and that the stickers peeled off and the colors were faded from the sun.

Taylor lives with her sister, her partner, and their daughters. When the idea came up to get all the older kids electric cars for Christmas, Taylor said, “I didn’t want to spend all the money buying new cars and not have a space free from the weather for them.”

This is probably the point where I would have given up on the idea and filed it under the “not worth it” category, but Taylor’s ingenuity puts me to shame. She tells Babble that she turned to her dad and said, “We should build them a little garage and make it weather-proof so they have somewhere to park them when they’re done and they won’t get damaged.”

But of course!

Image source: Angie Taylor

Taylor thought it would be the perfect addition to the playhouse they had already purchased for the kids.

Building a three-port car garage was a lofty task, but Taylor was fortunate to have help from her dad and brother-in-law. They purchased the timber, and then, according to Taylor, they “just winged it.”

“We didn’t have any plans or anything. We just built the frame and then went from there and then painted it to match the Kmart playhouse,” Taylor says.

The results? Well, they look like something straight out of Fixer Upper. Joanna and Chip would be proud.

What I was dying to know is how they were able to keep all this a secret from the kids? With my three boys becoming such skilled detectives when it comes to sniffing out their Christmas presents, I can’t imagine pulling off a surprise like this.

According to Taylor, the adults built the “garage” at her dad’s sheet metal factory, eventually taking two trips via truck to transport the finished product back to the house.

The grand reveal Christmas morning was everything the adults could have hoped for.

Image source: Angie Taylor

“We had the curtains closed all Christmas morning while we had breakfast and opened gifts inside and then when we were ready we ripped the curtains open and all of their little faces lit up and they started running to get in their cars yelling and screaming with excitement!” says Taylor.

It’s the kind of surprise gift that would be unachievable for most, but was made possible by the efforts of more than one.

“It was a big team effort with me, my brother-in-law and my dad, we all painted, built and decorated it together for the kids.” Taylor explains.

I can only imagine the work that went into pulling it off, but it definitely made for one very memorable holiday for this family who say it was the “best Christmas” they have ever had.

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h/t: Daily Mail UK

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