I Just Want a Mother’s Day That Feels Like My Own

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I really love Mother’s Day. Actually, let me rephrase that: I really want to love Mother’s Day, but I find myself getting a little angry every year, and I know other moms can relate.

We all want to enjoy our one day of the year. We don’t set our expectations very high, or at least we try not to, but apparently wanting our kids to let us sleep in and refrain from sitting on each other’s heads is expecting too much.

Most moms I know don’t need jewelry or a day at the spa in order to feel celebrated. They are happy with wild flowers from their yard, presented to them by a sweaty, chubby fist because being a mom in itself is a wonderful gift.

They don’t long for a fancy dinner or brunch where they have to force everyone to dress up and keep their kids from rolling around the floor. We all know it would be less stressful to throw a wad of cash in the garbage and let them roll around and complain at home.

But we’re human, and we do want something one day out of the 365 days a year we’re momming our butts off. On Mother’s Day, we just want one thing: a day that feels like ours. A day where we do what we enjoy without backlash or having to beg for it.

Let me tell you what turns on a mom: not having to empty the dishwasher or vacuum for a day. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? It’s not because we’ve lowered our standards after having children, and it certainly isn’t because moms don’t have good taste, either; we have amazing taste. It’s because we are pretty damn tired, and my guess is that most of us haven’t had a day off since a child came into our world.

We just want a day. ONE DAY. And I am not talking about a day where nothing gets done so we have twice as much to do the next.
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We are always making things happen for everyone else in our family. That’s just what moms do. And we love what we do, but we also love 24 hours without listening to our kids fight or complain. For one day it would be glorious if we didn’t see them shrugging their shoulders, rolling their eyes, or protesting when we ask them to do something.

We just want a day. ONE DAY. And I am not talking about a day where nothing gets done so we have twice as much to do the next. No. We want one day where things get done because our family loves us and cares about our well-being. A day where reading more than five pages in a book without interruption doesn’t feel like climbing Mount Everest.

And if this were to happen organically, well, that would just be the cherry on top. We don’t want to ask or drop hints in the coming weeks. We want these simple things to happen solely because our family knows it is a day to celebrate moms. Because they feel we need and deserve a day to do what we want without catering to everyone else’s needs.

I want my family to treat Mother’s Day the way I treat their birthdays or Christmas morning. I make these special days all about them. So yeah, I want one day a year to be all about me and I’m not afraid to say that. One simple day would mean more than a spa treatment or expensive necklace; it would mean everything.

We do it all, all year around. A single day isn’t too much to ask.

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