These Moms Rented a Party Boat and Threw Themselves an Epic Back-to-School Bash

There are few phrases that give parents more joy than “back to school.” Although we love our little minions and enjoy lazy summer pool days and the long break from packing school lunches, let’s be honest: Sending them back to school is, well, frankly, the best. And it seems that a group of moms from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area couldn’t agree more. They were so psyched to kick off the new school year, that on August 21, when their kids were all finally shipped off for their first day back, these mamas seriously lived it up — party boat-style.

Abby Lane, a SAHM to three kids, ages 14, 12, and 9, shares with Babble that she and her friends were inspired by the very well-known Jet Hatmaker, who once took a boat trip in Austin, Texas to celebrate her kids returning to school.

Abby Lane tells Babble that the original group consisted of five moms from Coppell, their suburban town of about 40,000 people.

“We travel together often and we are always brainstorming the next trip,” Lane says. “The first boat trip happened in 2016 — it was a double decker pontoon boat.”

Image Source: Abby Lane

But like all good parties, word got around fast (because HELLO, this is the most amazing idea ever), and more moms wanted in. (Heck, I don’t blame them — I want in, too!)

Lane tells Babble that once the idea caught fire, the party pretty much planned itself.

“Our brilliant organizer Michelle Frazer found a boat to fit 100 of us!” she shares. “We were trying to be more inclusive. This year’s run was on Lake Lewisville in Lewisville.”

On the day of their back-to-school party, all of the moms delivered their sweet cherubs to school, took the obligatory first day pictures, yada-yada-yada … and then the celebration began. With only a few hours to spare, since they all had to be back by the time school got out (booo), these ladies made the most of their time.

“Because we are moms, there was an excess of food,” Abby explains. “Like two days worth, and we were only on the water for 3 hours.” Ha! Of course there was. Even without kids in tow, moms are always super over-prepared.

Image Source: Abby Lane

The group of moms — which included both stay-at-home and working parents (because taking a day off was well worth it!) —spent their day sipping mommy-juice, snacking on treats like chips and dip and candy, and enjoying their freedom. For the first time in three months, no one was shouting MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY and asking for the 67th snack of the day. In other words: It was glorious.

“Lots of us got in the water with pool noodles or floats — one looked like bacon,” Abby tells Babble. “Then other boats on the water cruised by slowly, trying to figure out what this group of women are doing out on a Monday!” (CELEBRATING. That’s what.)

Image Source: Angela Lacaster

After a long, hot summer of “He stole my swim goggles!” and “It’s my turn with the iPad!” I’m certainly ready to start packing those lunches again and saying “Bye-bye, love you lot”’s at 8 AM. And what better way to wrap up summer — and say cheers to the next chapter in our kids’ lives — than with a huge party of moms who are all in the same boat (literally and figuratively) as you?

But seriously, girlfriends. Next year, can I come too? I’ll bring mimosas!

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