This Mom’s Epic Bedtime Routine Will Put Yours to Shame

Parenting a toddler and a baby at the same time — while still maintaining your sanity — is a great feat in and of itself. But when you throw two more babies into the mix, I don’t care who you are; things are bound to get straight up nuts.

For starters, everything’s magnified times four. Sure, that goes for the good stuff, but it also goes for the not-so-good stuff, too. The round-the-clock feedings; the middle-of-the-night wake-up calls; and OMG, the diapers. I don’t even want to think about the diapers.

And then of course there’s bedtime — every parent’s most dreaded time of day.

Any parent with multiples will probably tell you it’s all about having a system and blahblahblah. But when you’ve got four kids wriggling around on the bed and only two arms to grab them with, that “system” can get pretty impossible to maintain, pretty fast.

Well, unless you’re Corrie Whyte. The mom of four has been going viral this week for the jaw-dropping bedtime routine she has with her 2-year-old daughter Emily and 8-month-old triplets Jackson, Olivia, and Levi. And it’s well-deserved. As evidenced by one exhausting time-lapse video shared by her husband on YouTube, Whyte throws down some impressive bedtime-wrangling skills during her typical nightly routine (and proves she’s got a lot more patience for putting on PJs than most of us).

The busy mom recently spoke with ABC News about what it’s like to keep on top of three babies and one toddler, and (spoiler alert) it’s pretty intense. But that’s not to say she doesn’t love it. Whyte shared that she actually has a lot of fun with her rambunctious brood, and tries her best to “make every experience enjoyable.” Even if that experience is shove one kid into pajamas one-handed, while making sure the other ones don’t fall off the bed.

“Right now the hard part is finding the balance between the needs of three 8-month-old babies and one 2-year-old toddler,” she told the outlet. “They all want your attention, while going in four different directions.”

But as for her own masterful skills, Whyte seems pretty chill about them. “Every mom is a super mom in my opinion,” she told ABC.

Can’t argue with her there.

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