This Mom Has the Perfect Wine Pairings for Your Mother’s Day Woes

Perhaps not every Mother’s Day you’ve celebrated turned out to be like a Hallmark card.

Ever get a cleaning appliance as a gift? Or were shaken awake with breakfast-in-bed at the crack of dawn?

Well, just to be sure you enjoy at least part of your day this year, thoughtful mom Kim Holderness, of popular YouTube channel The Holderness Family, has the perfect solution — wine pairings for each of your Mother’s Day complaints. (Or as she perfectly hashtags it, #drinklikeamother.)

She pretty much nails it in her opening remarks.

“When you tell your family, ‘No no no, don’t get me anything for Mother’s Day’ — and they actually don’t get you anything — I recommend a nice merlot,” she says. “It’s subtle, like the hints you were dropping about jewelry — and thick like your husband who didn’t get any of those hints.”

And how could you not love this?

“When your kids give you a coupon book full of stuff they should be doing anyway, I recommend a nice sauvignon blanc,” she continues. “The tartness will help you make this face [blank stare]. The same face you’ll make when you see things like, ‘Good for One Free Toilet Flush.’”

Needless to say, the video has gone viral on Facebook with over 4K views and 2K shares.

Cheers, mamas!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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