Murphy’s Law of Going to the Pool with Kids

Image Source: Heather Spohr
Image Source: Heather Spohr

We love hitting the pool in the summer. My kids are little fish who are far happier in the pool than out, and I personally love the benefits that come with them swimming: lots of exercise and LOTS of good sleep! But I swear, every single time we go to the pool, it’s such a production. It’s like Murphy’s Law — if something can go wrong at the pool, it definitely will.

1. No matter how many times you ask them in advance, your kids won’t announce they need to use the bathroom until they have fully immersed themselves in the pool.

2. If you bring a book to the pool to read, your kids will insist you join them in the water.

3. If you forget your book, your kids will be perfectly happy swimming without you.

4. On the day you forget your kids’ goggles, the pool will be freshly chlorinated.

5. You always run out of sunscreen when it’s time to put it on yourself.

6. If your kid does something awesome for the first time — like swim across the pool or jump off the diving board — it will happen when your phone is packed away.

7. If you get your phone out to capture your kid doing something awesome for the first time — like swim across the pool of dive off the diving board — they will immediately stop doing it.

8. If you let your kid pick out a pool toy it will invariably end up being one that needs 20 minutes to blow up.

9. You will get up early to pack fun lunches with all their favorite snacks, only for them to beg non-stop for treats from the snack bar.

10. You will do your absolute best to wash everyone off in the showers but your car will always be covered in sand anyway.

11. No matter how tired you are at the end of the day or how many near-disasters you faced, you’ll still be back at the pool all summer long!

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