Rank These Cringe-Worthy Parenting Moments

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Image source: Thinkstock

As parents, we’re not embarrassed by much these days. Our kid might scream her head off while we stroll through the aisles of the supermarket. The baby could have a diaper blowout of extreme proportions as soon as we entered the mall. Honestly, most of the time we’re walking around with unknown stains on our clothes, and yet we aren’t phased. However, even a parent with the thickest skin has a breaking point when it comes to public humiliation.

We’ve asked our bloggers to share their most embarrassing parenting moments and the results did not disappoint. We’re feeling serious secondhand embarrassment, and we want to let you in on it.

Feel free to commiserate, laugh, and be thankful this hasn’t happened to you (yet) with these 17 embarrassing parenting moments. After you’ve finished cringing, rank which moment was the most embarrassing at the bottom!

1. Ah, when kids don’t have a filter …

My middle child (now 18) was in 2nd grade and his class was putting together a group Mother’s Day book. It was a fill in the blank starting with “My mom loves me because …” When I came into class one day the teacher told me that they were not going to use my son’s original quote, just in case he said anything. What was the quote? “My mom loves me because she says my tush is like a peach.” Oops.
Sheri Silver

2. At least she’s telling the truth.

When at another child’s birthday party, the host asked me what I would like to drink. My daughter answered, “Mommy will have wine.”
Julie Lay

3. Time to switchover to Starbucks.

I was walking past a coffee shop when I saw a parent inside I knew. I was with my two kids — daughter aged 3, son aged 7 and his friend. So we popped in to say hello. Predictably my daughter said she needed a wee (she is OBSESSED with going to toilets) so she went off upstairs to the restrooms, as she knew where they were. I was so busy chatting away, I didn’t realize she had been gone a while, then a lady tapped me on the shoulder and said, “is that your daughter at the top of the stairs?” I looked up to see my kid, standing with her shorts in her hand, her undies around her ankles, naked from the waist down. The whole coffee shop could see. Turns out she had pooped and needed help with a wipe. I could have died … yes, that’s my naked kid with a dirty bottom. I have never been back to that place — ever, even though they do the best coffee in town …
Suzanne Cowie

4. So, obscene hand gestures are frowned upon?

I was having a really rough day with my son, but had planned to meet my husband at one of our favorite local spots for dinner. My husband, who has been compared to Sally from When Harry Met Sally proceeded to ask the waitress a million questions about his meal while my kid was acting crazy. My patience ran out and I stuck my fingers in my mouth like they were the barrel of a gun and pulled the trigger. The waitress was not amused. In fact, she looked at me like I was the worst person who ever lived. That was over a year ago and I haven’t been back. Too bad, their curry fries are to die for.
Sonya Benham

5. If only toddlers knew about country club etiquette.

Hands down: When my toddler pooped in the country club pool. (I know!) We were invited guests at the pool thanks to my friend … and had pretty much mastered the whole potty-training thing (so I thought). So, I skipped the swim diapers on my 3-year-old. Until she slipped up and didn’t get out of the pool in time. The club had to evacuate all swimmers, rope off the area with yellow hazard tape so that they could clean … and that was that. I just felt bad for my little girl …
Jill Simonian

6. If she keeps this up, the tooth fairy will never come.

Taking my daughter to her first dentist appointment was pretty awful. At age 4, when most kids should be fine about the dentist, she clamped her hands over her mouth and screamed so loudly they didn’t even charge us for the visit.
Kelsey Banfield

7. But they said it would be the happiest place …

Not too long ago I had the opportunity to take a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Disney World with my family for work as part of a promotional tour. They gave my 4-year-old a princess makeover, complete with a crown and make-up and set up a professional photo shoot — but she threw a tantrum, screamed, cried, and refused to go anywhere near the camera. It was humiliating.
Chaunie Brusie

8. Sorry, that’s definitely NOT a toy.

It takes a lot to embarrass me. I generally look like crap. I sing silly songs and make silly faces in public, hoping it will my kids smile. Basically, I’ve given up the idea of dignity. But the other day, my toddler did something so mortifying that I was actually embarrassed: he found my vibrator and tried to use it as a phone.
Jen Simon

9. It happens to the best of us.

The time my lactating breasts leaked through my shirt, creating visible stains. I was unaware … until MY FATHER-IN-LAW pointed it out to me.
Alice Gomstyn

10. Did everyone need to know it was that time of the month?

Once, when my daughter was five and we were in line at Target, I let her poke through my purse as I checked email. “Mommy, what is this?” she asked. I looked up to see her holding a tampon. “It’s for mommies!” I muttered, tossing it back in. She said, loudly, “Mommy! I see you in the bathroom using that!” I shoved a magazine into her hands to distract her and made eye contact with no one.
Ellen Seidman

11.  So.much.secondhand.embarrassment.

My younger daughter walked in on me in the bathroom when I was dealing with having my period. Horrified, she asked if I needed a Band-Aid. Sometimes, to this day, she’ll ask me out of the blue (and in public), if my owie is all better, while pointing to my crotch.
Meredith Carroll

12. You break it, you buy it.

While shopping for nursing bras, I leaked all over one. Fortunately, it was not the first time the salesperson had dealt with leaky boobs. I bought the soiled bra and never went into another maternity store again. Now that I think about it, that might’ve been the beginning of my online shopping obsession.
Michelle Villemaire

13. Fashion can truly come at a price.

It was my first Sunday back to church from having our baby. I had picked out one of my favorite dresses for the occasion; it felt great to be in something other than sweat pants. However, that satisfaction soon dissipated when I found myself in the nursing mother’s room with a small conundrum. My dress was vintage and to get it on, I had to pull it over my head. Without any other way to feed Rockwell, I had to pull it over my head and feed him in my underwear.

Standing there in a compromising position, I hoped that no one else would need to use the lounge, but of course, I wasn’t that lucky. In came two women that I had never met before. Petrified, I explained why I was hanging out half-naked nursing my newborn.
Summer Bellessa

14. Sometimes parents just need a win.

I’m not sure if this is the most embarrassing moment, but it was one of the moments I’m most ashamed of. In a friendly one on one basketball game to four with my 9-year-old I cheated so badly, and changed the rules so many times (in my favor) that he broke down crying because he won multiple times, but I changed the rules and game. Then I got mad at him for crying over a game … says the cheater!
Jackie Bledsoe

15. When you gotta go, you gotta go!

As I was discussing finances with a professional (read: important, grown up conversation), my son grabs on to me and starts yelling “My butt hurts, my butt hurts! It has poop in it!”
Heather Neal

16. Welcome to the danger zone.

The time I was out grocery shopping with my 4-year-old daughter and new baby, and my oldest got stuck in the grocery store doors — she was crying, so I let go of the stroller to extricate my daughter only to realize that I’d forgotten to put the brakes on, and the stroller was rolling away. This is the moment I realized that having two (or more) kids is tough. You just can’t be in two places at once. I was a mortified, but managed to shepherd both kids home safely. Barely.
Elizabeth Stark

17.  Spit-up is the latest in hot mom fashion.

The maintenance man came to our apartment early in the morning to fix a pipe that was rattling. I was holding the baby and he kept checking me out. I was like, “Why don’t you take a picture, perv” and rolled my eyes — in my mind of course. After he left, I realized something startling. He wasn’t checking out my hot bod in oversized maternity pajamas. Oh no, he was probably holding back a gag because I was covered — COVERED — in spit up, for God knows how long.

Anna Lind Thomas

By now you’re certainly feeling the pain of these parents, but which of them has it the worst? Take the quiz!

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