LEGO Unveils New Line Featuring Stay-at-Home Dad Figurine

Image Source: Getty/Daniel Karmann
Image Source: Getty/Daniel Karmann

LEGO gave some very lucky fans a sneak peak of their upcoming figurines this week at New York’s Toy Fair — and what they showed has everyone talking.

In an effort to diversify their product offerings, the new “LEGO City” line will include a child in a wheelchair with a guide dog, a stay-at-home dad pushing a stroller, and a working mom.

As NBC News wrote, “The set is an attempt by the company to more inclusively represent the modern world, according to president of LEGO Systems Soren Torp Laursen.”

The stay-at-home dad in particular has many fans excited. With his rugged beard and red flannel shirt, he’s basically the LEGO man of our dreams. Not to mention he wields that stroller like a BOSS.

We kid, we kid. Well, sorta. But we’re not the only ones loving these new additions. We spoke to stay-at-home dad Charlie Capen, co-founder of HowToBeADad.com, and long-time LEGO fan to hear his thoughts on the line.

It’s really cool to see, in the pantheon of astronauts, explorers, wizards and knights, the choice to feature a stay-at-home dad and working mom minifigures. There is no greater adventure than staying at home with your children, and an equal number of dragons to slay or distance to cross. Plus, he has a sweet beard like me, which is a total bonus.

(See? The beard is a real hit.)

While many might not understand the significance of this move, it’s important to remember the cultural impact a brand like LEGO can have. By normalizing stay-at-home dads (as well as working moms and children with disabilities) and then giving children a tangible representation to play with, the building block company is helping to shape a culture of inclusion within our society.

But watch where you step, because a stay-at-home dad LEGO hurts just as much as any other when you step on one in the night.


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