20-Year-Old Hilariously Shames His Mom for Requesting Snacks, Then Falling Asleep

Parents know what a pain bedtime can be when you try to get kids to sleep — “Just 10 more minutes of TV,” “Pleaseeee just one more story,” and the familiar call of “Moooooom? Can I have water?” ringing through the hallways.

But then sometimes when it’s older kids living with their parents — say college students home for the summer — the roles can reverse. Such is the case for Nick Avallone, a 20-year-old student from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, who’s been living with his mom, Eleanor, for the summer.

Like the sweet and dutiful son that all 20-year-olds are (ha!), he would graciously retrieve a snack for his mother every night when she went up to bed.

But every time he would arrive with her snack, she was fast asleep, leaving Nick standing there with a cup full of chips or pretzels or whatever she wanted that night. He would even go through the effort of cooking popcorn for her!

This became such an annoying ritual for Nick that he hilariously “mom-shamed” her, taking photo evidence every time this would happen, and even adding a sign confessing her crime: “I ask my son for snacks then I fall asleep.”

Image Source: Nick Avallone via Instagram
Image Source: Nick Avallone via Instagram

It’s crazy that this happened so many times, but Nick tells Buzzfeed that she fell asleep “consistently enough that I had to make a post.”

“I adore my mom beyond words but I have to mom-shame her for always doing this to me,” he wrote on Instagram. The post was liked over 21k times and got over 190 comments in one week, with most saying that they or their parents are guilty of doing the same thing!

Nick told BuzzFeed that when he told her she always falls asleep before he can give her the snack, she laughed and said, “I know, I know.” And luckily, she wasn’t mad that he shared the photos of her online.

I’m not usually one for midnight snacks, so this has never happened to me. But just thinking about him going through all the effort to get (or even cook) a snack, and then find her asleep when he arrives, is just too funny.

One thing’s for sure: Nick is the definition of a loving son.

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