This Mom Freaking Out About Surprise Visitors Is Pretty Much All of Us

When Nicole Walters and her teenage daughters heard a knock on the front door at 8 PM, they immediately looked at each other like a deer in the headlights.

The feeling is all-too-familiar: Are you expecting anybody? I’m not expecting anybody. Are we really having surprise company after dinner with the entire family in lounge wear?

Dad was unfazed however, and actually got up to answer the door — sending everyone else in the house scrambling for cover, including the dog.

After what turned out to be an unannounced visit with their neighbors, the whole family took to Facebook to regroup, in a video that has since gone viral with over 4K likes.

We are EASILY the most awkward family in our neighborhood, Haha! But we WANT to fit in- tell us how you would’ve handled this situation…

Posted by Nicole Walters on Friday, January 5, 2018

“Y’all. We just had a neighbor stop over at our house after 8. Just to say hello,” Walters declares, as she walks off in good-natured disbelief. “I didn’t even have a wig on, a bra on, a bonnet on, I didn’t have Chapstick on, my face was ashy. When they came over, it was a mixture of joy and utter mortification.”

Walters says that even though she loves the fact that the neighbors are friendly and welcoming, she still found herself in hot-mess mode, trying to act normal and pull off a pleasant, spontaneous visit with the neighbors.

“Listen. Listen. The TRAUMA. We weren’t ready,” she says.

And to top it off, her 6-year-old daughter seized the opportunity to rush out of bed and join in on the action, forcing Walters into bedtime parenting in front of company.

“Parenting in front of company is just the worst! You KNOW you need to correct your kid’s behavior, but you don’t want your tactics (death eyes, deep voice, or crazy pointing) to get judged. Parenting is hard enough — it’s 10 times harder with an audience!”

Her 1st-grader was allowed to stay up and visit with the neighbors, but she also got the “mom look” and a little side eye.

Walters family
Image Source: Nicole Walters

At the end of the video, they pow-wowed on ideas about planning a surprise visit of their own to pop in on the neighbors. They toyed around with a 7:30 AM visit time.

When asked how the mom of the neighboring household might react to a surprise drop-in visit, Walters tells Babble, “The wife of my neighbor is so cool and laidback. I know she’d take all drop-ins in stride! She probably has bonus treats and extra wine in case someone pops over. She’s very good at life.”

Now that the first surprise visit is on the books, it definitely paves the way for more. Walters just wishes she could get a 15-minute heads up so she can at least grab her wig.

“The fact that we like them so much is specifically why we didn’t want to look like a hot mess express when they showed up — we don’t want to scare them away!”

In this neighborhood, we’re guessing it would be just fine.

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