This LEGO®-Compatible Tape Turns Every Surface Into a Builder’s Dream

Image Source: Nimuno Loops

LEGO® fans have had much reason to rejoice this month. Not only did LEGO® recently announce that a new ‘Women of NASA’ set will be hitting shelves this holiday season, but Indiegogo just let fans in on the development of their groundbreaking Nimuno Loops, an adhesive tape that will turn any surface into one that’s LEGO®-compatible.

This flexible and cuttable tape not only bends, curves, and can be cut to any size, but it also has an adhesive backing that allows it to attach to any material imaginable.

Image Source: Nimuno Loops

The inventors of Nimuno Loops describe their unique product:

Nimuno Loops is LEGO® compatible adhesive tape that adheres to almost any surface, transforming it into a dynamic building platform. Imagine being able to build around corners, on curved surfaces, or even onto the sides of that sailing ship you’ve just spent hours building. You forgot to engineer a point of attachment for that sweet dinosaur-smashing cannon? No problem. Snip a length of Nimuno Loops, stick it on the hull, mount your cannon and be on yarr way.

Compatible with LEGO®, MegaBloks, Kreo and most major toy building block systems. A whole new universe of possibilities when constructing with Nimuno Loops!

Image Source: Nimuno Loops

Team Nimuno crowd-funded on Indiegogo, raising over $700,000 even though their initial goal was only $8,000 — pretty impressive! The best part? Two rolls of tape cost only $11 and you can preorder now for delivery in July.

So while our kids start making the world more beautiful with LEGOs, maybe we might want to start thinking about taking down that wallpaper in the kitchen. We have a sneaking suspicion that you’re in store for some great new home decor.

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