Family Throws Epic Quinceañera for Their Cat, and We Just Can’t Get Enough

There are two kinds of people in this world: Cat people and CAT people. And one family is showing the Internet this week what legit CAT people will do to show their love for a feline family member.

Enter, Luna — an adorable orange tabby cat who was found by the Olavarria some 15 years ago, wrapped in a blanket and abandoned on the side of the road when she was just three tender weeks old. For the last decade-and-a-half, Luna — who gets her name from the outer-space-themed blankets she was found in as a kitten — has made the Olavarria family her forever home, and now occupies a huge space in their hearts.

Image Source: The Olavarria Family

So huge, in fact, that Luna’s mom had the brilliant idea to throw her a quinceañera this year, to celebrate her 15th birthday. In case you’re unfamiliar, a quinceañera is a time-honored Latin tradition similar to a Sweet 16, in which a girl’s 15th birthday is celebrated with a large party — complete with a ceremony and all.

“A quinceañera is a really cool tradition,” explains Angel Olavarria, Luna’s brother. “My direct family does not really do anything for them as my two sisters didn’t receive one, but many of our family friends and other relatives do them.”

For the party, Luna was decked out in an adorable pink dress that Angel’s mom found on Amazon.

Image Source: The Olavarria Family

“The dress was so cute!” Angel shares. “I thought my mom was joking about it [at first] … I knew she wanted people to actually come over and celebrate the cat, but I didn’t think she’d actually order a dress and do everything she did.”

In the now-viral images, which were first shared on Imgur, we can see a bemused Luna dressed to the nines while friends and family enjoy what appears to be a spread of amazing food and decorations — including a tres leche cake, a traditional dessert often served for such special occasions.

But unfortunately, Luna was unmoved by the yummy spread.

“Our cheese ball had no interest in most of the human food,” Angel tells Babble, “but we popped open a can of tuna and she purred like crazy!”

Image Source: The Olavarria Family

All in all, the party was a huge success, and by all accounts, Luna appeared to be feeling the love from her family. We were curious, though — what does everyone think of Luna’s sudden celeb status online?

“My family is so excited, especially my mother and younger sister,” Olavarria shares, adding: “My mom is saying with all the attention she has been getting Luna is like one of the Kardashians now!” (Um … How adorable is that?)

Image Source: The Olavarria Family

Luna may be the KimK of the online cat world right now, but she’s taking it in stride. Everyone who knows Luna says she’s a total sweetheart, so don’t expect all this sudden Internet-fame to go to her head (just yet, anyway).

Image Source: The Olavarria Family

Happy Birthday, Luna! Here’s hoping for another big blow-out next year.

Image Source: The Olavarria Family
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