Toddler Adorably Helps Baby Brother Escape His Crib — and It’s All Caught on a Baby Monitor

Siblings may have rivalries but this adorable duo will surely melt your heart.

Ollie Lanning and his baby brother Finn were caught on the baby monitor partaking in operation: free baby from crib. And thanks to their parents’ Facebook post, we can all enjoy this cuteness.

The video starts with baby Finn fussing in the crib, as you see toddler Ollie come into the nursery to assess the situation. He grabs a kids chair — then proceeds to place it into the crib, confidently saying, “OK.” Ollie climbs over the crib while Finn starts playing with the chair. But Ollie’s totally got this. He says, “I got it, Finn. I got it,” placing it upright and demonstrating exactly what to do. He says, “Do this,” while using the chair to climb back over the crib.

Then Finn follows his brother’s lead, standing on the chair while Ollie cheers him on, saying, “You can do it. Finn, jump to me. Jump to me. Jump, Finn.” Ollie grabs Finn as they fall over onto the soft carpet floor. Ollie says, “You got it, Finn!” while his brother yells out. Success! It ends with Ollie hugging Finn, and the two leaving the room, hand in hand.

It doesn’t get any cuter than that!

Ollie is one good big brother and the Internet agrees. This post has received 25M views, 286K likes, 276K shares, and thousands of positive comments in the last few days.

One user noticed the little brother’s sly intentions, writing, “I love how Finn looked up at the monitor right before he climbed out like ‘haha mom, he’s on my side!’ Love those boys!”

While another user praised Ollie’s parenting skills, commenting:

“He made an effort to show him how it’s done — and children literally learn from what they see. Plus, another good thing is that he encouraged Finn when he was having hesitations. Lastly, he gave him words of affirmation and even gave him a hug. It’s like the older guy knew instinctively how to teach kids.”

Way to go, big bro!

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