“Parent Fantasy Hotline” Perfectly Nails What REALLY Turns Parents On

Before you have kids, there’s a whole slew of things you’re bound to unintentionally take for granted. Grabbing after-work drinks on a whim. Spending long, lazy weekends devoted to binge-watching new Netflix shows. And lest we forget: enjoying full nights of sweet, glorious, uninterrupted sleep.

But life changes, priorities shift, babies arrive … and suddenly, all those everyday simple pleasures you once treasured go poof! Never to return again for the next 18 years. (Give or take.)

Parenthood: ISN’T IT AWESOME?!

Hamish Blake and Andy Lee totally feel you on that one. The Australian comedy duo recently whipped up one hilarious spoof video, in which Hamish dials in to a “Parent Fantasy Hotline” during a moment of desperation. He just needs an anonymous voice on the other end of the line to indulge him in a little fantasy he’s been harboring for some time now. A fantasy that has him … slightly hot and bothered.

More than anything else, Hamish wants to hear someone without kids tell him about their weekend. That’s right — their totally unplanned, totally kidless, totally FREE weekend.

“So you just … you just decided to go?” Hamish asks the hotline operator, played by Andy. “You didn’t have to get someone to come over to your house to look over things?”

“And then what, you just had a few beers and came home?” he probes. “Weren’t you worried about getting a hangover?”

I know, Hamish — what a totally insane prospect.

“Oh sweet Jesus, say that thing again — about having enough sleep …” he continues, getting all sorts of turned on by the mental images running through his mind.

Yep, it’s good; oh man, is it good.

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