Parenthood: Instagram vs. Reality

As far as social media is concerned, Instagram is my favorite. It has been a wonderful way to connect with other mamas and feel a little less alone on this journey of motherhood. But, while those lovely squares are such a fun way to share, they aren’t always the most honest depiction of what our real lives look like.

In the social media age that we live in, there is a strong urge to present a picture-perfect image of parenthood to the rest of the world, when the reality often looks quite a bit different. I try to always have a balanced feed — the good moments, thrown in with the bad (just see the #parentingforreal hashtag I started) — but I’d be lying if I said that there wasn’t some editing happening behind the scenes, to make even those not-so-great moments a little bit prettier. And so, today, I am going to show you the reality.

Click on these picture perfect Instagram photos to see the reality behind them!

A sweet brother-sister pair, sweetly posing with their new Easter bunnies.

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The speedy snap feature on my iPhone really helps me to edit out the reality of photos like this one, although that bear bum is pretty darn adorable. The truth is for every sweetly posed photo, this is what was actually happening. Wiggles for days and the attention span of goldfish.

Oh hey! Check out my pretty, colorful produce on this airy white background!

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Terrible kitchen lighting and typical kitchen messes … until I moved that cutting board into the other room and onto a white table where the light is much prettier. Don’t you wish you had kitchen light like that first photo? Yeah. Me too.

A precious afternoon Mommy-Daughter tea date. Perfectly styled.

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The tea party in the above photo had to be postponed until after a much-needed nap. This right here is the face of threenager meltdowns. The best laid plans for super-fun tea parties are often thrown for a loop when kids are involved.

Awww! Look at my sweet baby peeking around the corner!

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I actually came around the corner to see him destroying ALL THE BOOKS.

Whole30 Lunchtime vibes.

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It’s way more weird when you realize the set-up behind the photo. Who even takes food photos in their bedroom?! Oh yep. That’s me. The lady with the terrible kitchen lighting.

First day of swim lessons! What great lighting!

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Oh nope. Ugly yellow lighting fail.

A stylish snap for an outfit post I was working on. Such a dapper little guy.

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95% Of the photos I took looked like this. Getting this kid on-board for photos is a tricky task. He would much rather be held than put up with Mama taking one more snap.

So next time you’re feeling bummed out while drawing comparisons to strangers on the Internet and those lovely little life squares known as Instagram, just remember … it’s all just a bunch of smoke and mirrors (AKA filters and perfectly-timed pushes of a button). We all do it, so don’t let it get you down! We just usually keep the messes and grumpy kids behind the scenes and outside of those squares.

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