After This 3-Year-Old Learned What It Means to Be Homeless, He Made It His Mission to Help

Image Source: Destinee McClung
Image Source: Destinee McClung

Grab your tissues. Because when you watch this video of a mother explaining what homelessness means to her 3-year-old son, you might start sobbing.

Little Patrick McClung overheard his mother, Destinee, talking about homelessness in their home state of Alaska, and his mama, wanting to be honest with her children, sat him down and answered his questions. She was surprised when he began crying, and caught a portion of their exchange on video — in between sobs, he says how “sad it is that it’s happening.”

Destinee then posted the video to Facebook, with the caption:

“Today Patrick was asking some questions and I (fully believing in being honest with my children) ended up telling him that some people don’t have food or homes. He asked some specific questions like ‘where do they sleep?’ and ‘what do they eat?’ After I explained to him, he sat and sobbed and told me he didn’t want to have Christmas if other people don’t even have houses. He didn’t calm down for over 30 minutes til his Grandma (Bobbi) promised to help him bring homeless people food. I could learn a lot from this 3 year old. If each of us had a heart this big, we wouldn’t have these problems. Some day this kid is going to change the world … “

As described in the Facebook post, poor Patrick wouldn’t stop crying until he was promised the opportunity to help the homeless people. And help, he has.

Image Source: Destinee McClung
Image Source: Destinee McClung

Together with his family, Patrick has set up donation boxes around Anchorage, Alaska, and the contributions have started to flood in — food, diapers, cold-weather gear, shoes, toys, and pillows. Patrick’s precious, tender heart does wonder where the houses, beds, and refrigerators are, but he’s very happy that he’s part of something big that will change the lives of so many.

As young Patrick has realized, having a home is a privilege, and as sad as it is that some people don’t have one, there is some light in that we can do something to help. He doesn’t care about why a person got into this position. He doesn’t care what led them to their situation. He just knows that it’s wrong, that he can do something to help, and he just wants them to be fed and warm.

And that is a truly precious thing.

Patrick also spends time volunteering at their local food kitchen, and his mom credits the family’s strong faith for making such a difference in Patrick’s view of the world, and in turn, for those folks in their area that are less fortunate.

Image Source: Destinee McClung
Image Source: Destinee McClung
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