Anonymous Donor Gives $100 to Every Teacher in Kentucky School District for Supplies

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I’ve never complained about the cost of school supplies, or about how many metric tons of glue sticks my kids are required to have at the start of every school year.

Just kidding. I’ve complained. Of course I have. I’m human. Still, I do know that funding for classroom supplies isn’t what it used to be. Teachers spend plenty of their own money on supplies and books, and even help to cover the gap for kids who don’t have what they need, whether that be pencils or lunch money. So, for all of you out there complaining about how much crayons cost when you can well afford to buy the crayons? Perspective, people.

I think we can all agree that teachers are pretty much on the same footing as superheroes and deserve all the support and praise we can give — and then some. However, a good citizen in northern Kentucky (who has chosen to remain anonymous) has taken teacher appreciation to a new level by giving each teacher in the Pendleton County School District $100 to start the new school year with.

Yes, you read that right. Each teacher in the district received $100 to spend in their classrooms. Pendleton County School District employs 143 teachers, so you do the math: That’s $14,300. To call it a generous donation doesn’t do it justice. It’s not entirely about the money, but rather the recognition that our teachers do so much.

Karen Delaney, from the Pendleton County Education Foundation, spoke with WLWT News about the donor’s motivation for this exceptional gift.

“[The donor] said, ‘I just want to do something to show teachers that there are people out there that’ — this is a quote — ‘that have their back, and support them in what they do every day for students, and then recognize that they give so much more than they are compensated,'” Delaney recalled.

That quote hit me right in the feels. She also made me feel a little sheepish.

See, I was that mom who was grumbling a couple of weeks ago after ending up with extra glue sticks, erasers, crayons, and highlighters when shopping for my kids’ school supply lists. Turned out, the multi packs I found online left me with more than the exact amount my kids needed. The cost of the extra supplies didn’t make a difference to our family, but I caught myself getting a little prickly about the fact that I had to buy a little more than what the supply list called for. Not my proudest moment.

I put the extra supplies in a box and handed them to my child’s teacher. I told her to use them or give them to another teacher or child who needed them — and her thankfulness was enough to make me feel guilty about my crappy attitude. Then, when I mentioned my son was short by a couple of folders because the stores were all out of red plastic three-pronged folders with pockets, she just smiled and told me not to worry about it, saying, “I have plenty.”

No doubt she purchased them out of her own pocket.

Our teachers are A+ humans, and it’s heartwarming to see this group in Kentucky receive such an amazing gift to start to the school year. Although it’s the kids who will truly benefit, the gesture has to make those teachers feel pretty awesome.

It also reminds us that we need to do a better job at thanking our teachers. Granted, you might not have an extra $14K hidden in the couch cushions, but there are plenty of things you can do to show your teacher that you recognize that they give more than they’re compensated for.

Just start with “thank you.” That’s always appreciated, too.

h/t: WLWT News

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