100 Perfect Things to Love About Parenthood

Image source: Lori Garcia
Image source: Lori Garcia

Aww, parenting. When it’s good it’s so good, and when it’s bad it’s still pretty amazing. For all the itty-bitty buggy things that make our job harder than it needs to be, there are about a bazillion more to love as Mom and Dad.

Let’s take a look at 100 of the absolute greatest joys of parenthood!

  1. Baby bellies.
  2. Never worrying about waking up late.
  3. Slobbery kisses.
  4. Precious mispronunciations.
  5. Always knowing where the nearest bathroom is.
  6. Ruffle bottoms.
  7. Boisterous laughter.
  8. Sleeping faces.
  9. The biggest, tightest, bestest hugs.
  10. “Gifts” of rocks, flowers, and sticks from little hearts.
  11. Hello, carpool lane.
  12. Kid art.
  13. Every single amazing first.
  14. How the most beautiful memories are made on the most ordinary days.
  15. Understanding your own parents better.
  16. The way it draws you closer to your family.
  17. Punctuality? Please.
  18. Teaching them.
  19. Learning from them.
  20. The way a newborn nestles into that empty space between your head and shoulder.
  21. Toddler snuggles.
  22. Sweet baby breath.
  23. Rediscovering simple joys.
  24. Holding hands.
  25. Macaroni and cheese.
  26. Unconditional love.
  27. How much they enjoy showing you off in their classroom.
  28. Baby booties.
  29. Playing dress up.
  30. The look on their faces when they concentrate really hard.
  31. Permission to slow way down.
  32. The magic of watching them grow.
  33. Feeling forever young.
  34. Family parking spots.
  35. How they run into your arms at the end of the day.
  36. How they inspire you to be the best you can be.
  37. Feeling needed.
  38. Toothless smiles.
  39. Playing Santa.
  40. Immeasurable pride.
  41. They made your parents grandparents.
  42. They might even make you a grandparent!
  43. Nothing grosses you out anymore.
  44. Nothing matters as much anymore.
  45. They take the attention off you.
  46. Constant excitement.
  47. The honor of being the prettiest, smartest, strongest, most amazing person they’ve ever known.
  48. Impromptu dance parties.
  49. Listening to them read.
  50. The way their faces light up when they spot you in the audience of a school performance.
  51. Witnessing their very best.
  52. Chubby-wubby baby cheeks.
  53. Watching them help others.
  54. Their uncanny ability to make strangers smile.
  55. How every day uncovers something new.
  56. How life is funnier than you could have ever imagined.
  57. Their knack for diffusing awkward situations.
  58. All the tasty snacks.
  59. Finally, you have an excuse to leave early.
  60. How they look so grown up after a haircut.
  61. How amazing it feels to surprise them.
  62. A legitimate reason to eat ice cream.
  63. The odyssey and amazement of raising a mini-me.
  64. The unspoken connection between you.
  65. Having so much to look forward to!
  66. Being a multi-tasking marvel.
  67. Immunity to embarrassment.
  68. The thrill of raising tomorrow’s leader.
  69. The wonderment of creating and caring for a child with your body.
  70. You get better at taking care of yourself.
  71. Full House reruns.
  72. The child tax credit. (C’mon, you were thinking it, too.)
  73. Becoming a family.
  74. The whole legacy thing.
  75. Never, ever being lonely.
  76. Perspective.
  77. Being called Mommy or Daddy.
  78. Becoming a global parent.
  79. Superhuman parent powers.
  80. Baby thighs.
  81. Messy house, messy car, messy hair, so don’t care.
  82. How staying home is the obvious answer.
  83. Scoring an automatic “in” with fellow parents.
  84. Never having to talk on the phone again.
  85. Being a hero.
  86. Early bedtimes.
  87. Relearning everything you forgot from elementary school.
  88. Sharing your favorite books and movies from your childhood with them.
  89. The sense of gratitude.
  90. Macaroni necklaces.
  91. Having a little helper.
  92. Bedtime prayers.
  93. The innocence.
  94. How they have a favorite meal only you can make.
  95. Newborn shoes.
  96. All the fun!
  97. Their always-honest opinion.
  98. Morning snuggles in your bed.
  99. It’s always changing.
  100. Absolutely everything.
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