I’m Thinking About Placing a Personal Ad for Mommy Friends

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I may go by “Mommyfriend” online, but in real life I’m just Lori, a mom who struggles with making mom friends.

It’s not that I’m unapproachable or only wear pink on Wednesdays, but connecting with like-minded moms has proven challenging for me. Maybe it’s my fault. Maybe I haven’t put myself out there enough, but when your days are spent working from home and your kids aren’t involved in youth sports, assembling a mom squad from the comfort of your home office takes a little creative thinking.

“Place a personal ad,” my husband joked. “Mommyfriend seeks mommy friends for fruity cocktails and BravoTV marathons.”

I chuckled, but then it hit me.

Maybe placing a personal ad wasn’t such a crazy idea after all. People place personal ads and establish dating profiles all the time. While I understand the obvious difference between friendship and romance, companionship remains at the core. And isn’t that what we all want? I know I do. I want geographically desirable mom companionship over coffee. And drinks! And shopping! And maybe even exercise … but probably not.

“I want geographically desirable mom companionship over coffee. And drinks! And shopping! And maybe even exercise … but probably not.”
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The more I thought about placing an ad for my mom army, the more I wondered how it might read:

Stressed out parenting blogger seeks calming mom influences for bitch sessions, belly laughs, and blog fodder over Bloomin’ Onions and lemon drops. Must love Friends and Harry Potter. Know-it-all mommies need not apply.

Too forward? Too specific?

How about …

Thirty-something recovering helicopter mom seeks Gen-X mom friends for child-free Target shopping adventures, delicious meals prepared by others, and movies rated PG-13 and up. Appreciation for photo filters and silence a must. Concern over Common Core optional.

Or …

Are you a mom who’s bad at crafting, believes in store-bought cupcakes, and only cleans for visitors? Is lounging in breathable cotton, drinking boxed wine, and binge-watching Netflix your idea of a good time? If so, call me, soul sister.

Or what about …

WANTED: Cool moms with whom to do cool things. Must be cool.

Finally (and preferably) …

Mom seeks mom army to end the mommy wars. Must be kind, warm, accepting, drama-free, and fun. Love of nachos and naps, while not required, are a definite plus.

Whether I decide to place a personal ad or not, thinking outside the box when it comes to forming my mömtley crüe was just what I needed. People need people and moms sure as hell need moms, so I’m asking, are you interested in being my mommy friend? Hit me up in the comments.

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