These Dads Grabbed Their Tutus and Joined Their Daughters for the Funniest Ballet Class Ever

A Philadelphia Dance Center has gone viral this week for two adorable (and hilarious) videos of a father-daughter ballet class.

As a special treat for Valentine’s Day, these stand-up dads decided to express their love for their kids, not with chocolates, but by participating in a ballet class — and the results are hilarious.

In the first video, the graceful little girls begin to plié and leap across the studio to The Nutcracker’s “Waltz of the Flowers,” with their dads in tow. Though they clearly have no previous ballet training, these dads make their best effort to mimic their daughters’ dance moves.

Then, as if that wasn’t entertaining enough, the fathers seem to realize that to truly commit, one needs to dress the part. An hour after the original video was released on Philadelphia Dance Center’s Facebook page, the second was posted, and all of the fathers are donning tutus.

Both video were released on February 14, and have each garnered over 11M views respectively, and it’s no surprise why. While we can’t help but chuckle at these fully grown men dancing in tutus, the intention is so sweet.

One thing’s for sure: They may not be great dancers, but they’re certainly good dads.

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