17 Pictures That Prove Girls Do Much More Than Play with Dolls, Thank You Very Much

If you have a little girl, chances are she’s probably received a baby doll as a gift on more than one occasion. Because all little girls love dolls, right?

Now don’t get me wrong, playing with dolls is awesome and both my son and daughters have played with plenty of dolls in their day. But in the spirit of girls doing amazing things and the fact that that I may or may not have just seen Wonder Woman, I’m feeling a little pumped with girl power.

May I present you all the messy, fierce, strong, wild, and free ways girls play … that have nothing to do with dolls, thank you very much.

They “help” in the potato fields.

Image Source: Marci Spencer

They kick butt at Taekwondo.

Image Source: Sonia Kang

They love tractors.

Image Source: Amy Scerra

They get to work fixing the lawn mower when it breaks.

Image Source: Chaunie Brusie

They practice personal training.

Image Source: Rachel Sturgess

They climb trees wearing superhero capes, of course.

Image Source: Katie Van Brunt

Sometimes they fall out of trees …

Image Source: Emily Jostock

They support each other.

Image Source: Sonia Kang

They let it go on their bikes.

Image Source: Rebecca Winkel

They wield a hammer.

Image Source: Kristina Hernandez

They do a little light target shooting.

Image Source: Kristina Hernandez

They rock football jerseys and tiaras.

Image Source: Molly Pennington

They do some rock climbing.

Image Source: Lauren Hartmann

Or hang out in a firetruck …

Image Source: Lauren Hartmann

They play dirty.

Image Source: Megan Bishop

They shovel in style.

Image Source: Kimberleye G’amory

Raising daughters in this world certainly comes with challenges, and unfortunately, there are still stereotypes our girls will have to face. But something tells me these girls are going to be just fine!

Image Source: Braunwyn Windham-Burke
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