10-Year-Old Creates Epic Trophy to Celebrate the Day His Brother Becomes Potty Trained

Proud dad Charlie Walk recently took to Instagram posting this photo of a crazy-intense LEGO structure his 10-year-old son “Boogie” made for his 2-year-old son Ragnar.

Let’s be honest. When you see this level of creativity coming from a 10-year-old, you just have to stand up and applaud.

In case you’re not sure what you’re looking at — it’s a trophy for when he finishes potty training. And it’s genius.

So the two year old is potty training… and this is what the ten year old comes to me with. "It's a trophy for when he is all trained" (((((Lol))))) #pottytraining #trophy #pottytrainingtrophy #pottyhumor #funny #laugh #reddit @reddit

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It’s an awesome replica of a toilet — we’re talking the bowl, the base, and the tank — complete with yellow LEGOs used for the stream of pee hitting its mark.

But what is the yellow below the toilet about? One commenter joked on Instagram, “That’s a lot of urine coming out of the bottom of the toilet. We just had that happen at our house and are still trying to get it repaired.”

Just to clarify any confusion, Walk tells Babble, “It’s not supposed to be pee. It is just the gold base of the trophy.”

Got it.

Clearly, Boogie is quite the LEGO aficionado, for both coming up with the idea and being able to build it out so well. But his father tells Babble that when it comes to his talent, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

“[Boogie] was introduced to basic brick LEGOs at 5 years old,” says Walk. “He was building 3D hot air balloons and dinosaurs! And all were proportionate! Seriously unbelievable … One thing he did last year was build a working pinball machine out of LEGOs! Who does that???”

Obviously, the trophy is one-of-a-kind and will definitely be a great motivation for the little guy. Which begs the question: where will this masterpiece end up? The Smithsonian? Le Louvre? Because surely, it can’t be dismantled.

“It is sitting in a safe place where the younger kids won’t get it,” says Walk.


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