The Look on This Pregnant Cat’s Face After Seeing Her Ultrasound Is Internet Gold

I will never forget the feeling of total shock when my husband and I learned that we were expecting our third child. I mean, let’s be real — three is a giant leap for even the most seasoned of parents. So, when I saw this absolutely hysterical image of a cat looking equally shocked by the news that she’s expecting a litter, I laughed so hard that actual tears fell from my eyes.

shocked cat
Image Source: Tone Frank

That poor cat.

For obvious reasons, the photo has garnered quite a bit of attention for its humor — plus the fact that it’s so similar to the reaction of basically every mom who has ever had an ultrasound.

The cat’s name is Ulla, and as it turns out, she has quite a story.

“Ulla was found outside by citizens and was brought to our shelter about 1 1/2 months ago,” Tone Frank, a board member of the Dyrenes Venner animal shelter in Greenland, tells Babble.

The staff at the shelter knew right away who Ulla was. A year earlier, when Ulla was a kitten, she spent a few weeks kicking it at the shelter before she was adopted. So, when the sweet cat showed up at the shelter again, they knew who to call.

Unfortunately, the phone number was disconnected, which meant poor Ulla was likely living on the street.

“We put her picture up on the municipality website and on our Facebook searching for the owner, but no one missed her,” Frank explains to Babble. “Our chairman noticed that she had gained weight and booked an appointment for her to get an ultrasound, which I took her to.”

Mind you, not every animal gets an ultrasound; unless, of course, the staff believes that the furry friend is expecting.

Since Ulla’s surprised photo has made its way around the world, Ulla has been adopted by a new family who has another cat and two small dogs. Frank tells Babble that Ulla is ready to give birth very soon!

“She hasn’t had her kittens yet, but we expect it to happen any moment and a lot of people are following Ulla,” Frank explains to Babble. “The vet told me she would probably give birth within two weeks and that was on May 16th. The vet was able to locate 4-5 heartbeats, so she will be having at least 4-5 kittens. We spay/neuter all our animals and Ulla and the kittens will be spayed/neutered as well when they’re ready for it.”

Sounds like if any cat deserves all this attention, it’s Ulla.

“She is an incredibly friendly cat,” Frank says. “She’s so very sweet.”

When Ulla is ready to have her kittens, her new owners will keep them until they are ready to leave their mama.

Talk about a happy ending for one shocked kitty!

For more adorable animal photos, check out the Dyrenes Venner shelter on Instagram and Facebook.

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