6 Nurses at One North Carolina Hospital Discover They’re All Pregnant at the Same Time

Six nurses at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center line up in their scrubs to show their pregnant bellies.
Image Source: Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

For all of the excitement and joy that a pregnancy brings, it can also be a time of loneliness for some moms who feel like no one in their lives can understand what they’re going through. During both of my pregnancies, particularly the first, I often wished I had a close pregnant friend, family member, or coworker with whom I could relate — someone to share the intense journey of pregnancy with. How fun and helpful that would be, I’d think to myself.

It’s something that a group of nurses at one North Carolina hospital are experiencing firsthand right now — in a big way. Their happy story recently made headlines, because it isn’t just two or three nurses who are pregnant at the same time, but a whopping six.

That’s right: Six nurses, all working in the same department, are all currently expecting!

Eryn Johnson, Communications Specialist at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, tells Babble that the six nurses all work in the outpatient hematology/oncology unit at the hospital’s Comprehensive Cancer Center. Two of the six will be first-time moms, she says, while the other four already have one child. Their due dates range from July 30-December 12.

Each of the women have expressed how nice it’s been for them to share their pregnancy journeys and exchange support and advice, and Johnson herself notes that it’s “quite the bond that’s been established.”

In an article on TODAY, the nurses are described as a tight-knit group committed to their work at the cancer center and are being referred to around the hospital these days as the “Fabulous Six-Pack.” Naturally, the women are all excited for each other, and still surprised and delighted by the unique circumstances that have created this common ground.

According to TODAY, Sabrina Hudson was the fifth nurse in her department to recently announce that she was pregnant. After she broke the news, Hudson made a prediction that her co-worker, assistant nurse manager Katie Carlton, would be next.

Carlton wasn’t so sure, especially since she and her husband had only just started trying for a second child, and what were the chances that yet another nurse in the department could be pregnant?

Apparently, the chances were greater than she expected.

Four weeks later, Carlton learned that Hudson’s prediction was right, leading patients at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center to suspect that there must be something in the water.

Carlton is quoted on the hospital’s Facebook page as saying, “It’s exciting because, you see these people every day and they’re a part of your family, and now they’re your pregnant buddies.”

According to TODAY, Carlton and Hudson, as well as nurses Nina Day and Bethany Stringer, have enjoyed being able to impart their parenting knowledge to their fellow RNs and first-time moms, Emily Johnson and Nikki Huth.

“I feel comforted,” Emily Johnson previously told TODAY. “I constantly have things running through my mind [like], ‘Is this normal?’ and ‘What is going on?’ Being able to communicate with other nurses helps me feel better.”

Patients at the hospital have certainly enjoyed hearing their story, too.

“It really intrigues people and gives them something to focus on when they are there,” Carlton told TODAY.

Of course, plans have been in place to ensure that excellent patient care is maintained in the midst of multiple maternity leaves, Eryn Johnson tells Babble. And fortunately, the six moms will not be on leave all at once.

Yet when they do return from their maternity leaves, Hudson expects that their special bond will only grow stronger.

“We are just really excited about our babies and being able to share play dates,” Hudson told TODAY. “I don’t think that after the pregnancies are over we will stop sharing milestones together.”

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