Big Brother Dresses Up as Prince Charming for Little Sister’s 5th Birthday

Image Source: Christina Angel

We all hope that someday our prince will come, but when you can find a brother who’s willing to dress up as a prince for you? That’s a different kind of fairytale come true.

Thirteen-year-old Anthony from Hamilton, Ohio, wanted to do something special for his little sister’s 5th birthday, and boy, did he deliver!

Knowing how much soon-to-be 5-year-old Belle loves to dress up, Anthony asked his mom if he could set up a princess photo shoot for the two of them. (Does he win the Best Big Brother of the Year Award, or what?)

Image Source: Christina Angel

Luckily, Anthony and Belle’s mom, Christina Angel, is a photographer at Paint the Sky Photography and was more than happy to oblige. “When he said he wanted to dress up like Prince Charming and do pictures with his sister, I agreed before he could change his mind!” Angel tells Babble.

But he didn’t. Instead, Belle’s “favorite boy” in the world worked hard to make every detail perfect — right down to shining his shoes and finding a brand-new Snow White dress for his sister. They even had to postpone the photo shoot for two days because Anthony realized he didn’t have white gloves!

In the end, white gloves were found, costumes were donned, and Anthony, Belle, and their mom headed to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, to take the photographs.

Image Source: Christina Angel

During the shoot, which lasted about a half hour, Angel says that she hardly had to direct her kids because “they were basically just playing a game, and [she] was there to document it.”

“It was heartwarming for me to sit behind the camera and watch them interact,” said Angel. “There were tears.”

Judging from the smiles and interactions from both Anthony and Belle, it’s clear that the two share a sweet bond. Despite being two of seven children, Angel says that Anthony and Belle are the closest of all her children. Outside of the occasional amazing photo shoot, the two like to watch movies together, learn to skateboard (“Because I guess he thinks I need a heart attack!” Angel jokes.), and Belle always likes him to tuck her into bed at night.

“Belle is a little ray of sunshine in his life,” Angel tells Babble. “And he can’t help but smile when she’s around.”

Image Source: Christina Angel

Angel also shared that Anthony has been diagnosed with depression, which made this shoot even more touching. “Anthony struggles with mental illness,” explained Angel. “And for him to feel motivated to do this shoot from beginning to end is a big deal.”

Image Source: Christina Angel

And not only did Anthony have the motivation to see his project through, but he seemed to have fun doing it, too!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to have a serious talk with my brother about my next birthday present.

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