Woman Gives Birth in the Back of Her Car — After Having No Idea She Was Even Pregnant

When 24-year-old Quanesha Hulett of Waverly, Georgia went out to deliver mail on her postal route February 19, she had no idea that by the end of the day, she’d be a mother.

Hulett headed out for work at 8 AM as usual, but during the day she started experiencing stomach pains.

“I was coaching myself during the route because my stomach was cramping really bad, and I just wanted to go home, take a shower, and take it easy,” Hulett tells Babble.

Quanesha Hulett
Image Source: Quanesha Hulett

To help manage the pain, Hulett hopped in the shower after work — but the cramping only got worse. Scared and unsure of what to do, she called her mother and asked to be driven to the hospital ASAP.

“The pain was intense,” she says looking back. “[I] held on to the headrest for dear life as my parents sped through the traffic!”

On the way to the hospital, Hulett’s mom dialed 911 and was speaking with police over the phone when Hulett says she suddenly “felt [the baby] fall out and land on the seat” behind her, letting out a soft cry. At that moment, she passed out in shock.

When Hulett came to shortly after, she saw that she had just given birth to a baby boy — and he wasn’t breathing. Luckily, police met up with the family while they were still in the car and administered CPR to the baby, miraculously saving his life on the spot.

Later that day, the responding officer visited Hulett and her new son (who she named Quincy) while they were still in the hospital being monitored, where the trio posed for a sweet photo.

“My family and I cannot thank Officer Davis enough,” Hulett tells Babble.

Quanesha Hulett and Officer Davis
Image Source: Quanesha Hulett

Leading up to the birth, Hulett says she never had any pregnancy symptoms. Her period didn’t stop, she never experienced any morning sickness, and she says she didn’t gain a significant amount of weight. As of now, she says, she doesn’t know the reason why.

Being a mother wasn’t something Hulett says she’d given much thought to, but now that little Quincy is here, she’s pretty much getting a crash-course in parenting.

“Literally everyone that knows me knows that having a child was nowhere in my 10-year plan,” she tells Babble.

Hulett admits she was “terrified for the first four days”, since she’d never even been around a newborn. Still, despite being a bit overwhelmed (and seriously missing her sleep), she and her family are over the moon with Quincy’s arrival — and they’ve been helping her every step of the way with the baby.

“Quincy has them wrapped around his little fingers!” says Hulett. “Their first grandchild. My brother has been in full uncle mode [and] family and friends have sent him diapers and wipes.”

When Quincy gets older, Hulett says she’s going to make sure he knows that he’s “a miracle.”

“I’ll tell him he was born in the backseat of my Charger on the top of a bridge!” Hulett says. “[But] please, no more surprises for Mommy!”

Understandable. Best wishes to this new mom and her precious new baby!


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