The “Inspirational” Message This Mom Left in Her Tween’s Trashed Bedroom Is Pretty Perfect

You know what I did for a solid two hours yesterday? I shoveled a ton of useless crap out of my kid’s rooms. I cannot even tell you how much absolutely ridiculous stuff I found in there. Comic books with gum stuck between pages … stinky socks that may actually be a legit biohazard situation … I found it all. Rachel Pavlik, the hilarious mom behind the blog Rachriot, knows a thing or two about this, too. On January 10, she posted a hilarious image of the message she left in her daughter’s bedroom, which she promptly discovered was a straight-up disaster.

In her Facebook post, which is quickly going viral, Pavlik used her daughter’s own letter board sign to leave her a message about the state of her bedroom. “Your room is disgusting,” the sign states simply.

Pavlik has written about her daughter Camille many times on her Facebook page before, and it’s clear the two have a pretty tight bond — especially in the way they joke around.

“Humor has always been a big part of my parenting style,” Pavlik tells Babble. “It’s my alternative to homicidal rage. Raising a daughter that’s just like me is, um, challenging to say the least.”

As a mother of three kids myself (two of whom are certainly textbook capable of cleaning their own rooms ), I couldn’t help but cry-laugh a little over this one.

“Camille’s room is in a constant state of disaster, or shall we call it ‘creative chaos’?” Pavlik shares. “I can’t get too mad because I was the same way as a tween. Always creating something. But sometimes her room looks like Walter White’s lab. I’ve tried asking nicely, nagging, threats, punishment, bribes etc.”

According to Pavlik, Camille received the letter board for Christmas and at first, was posting inspirational messages of her own on it.

“But then, like all things in an 11-year-old’s room, the board got buried,” says Pavlik. “Forgotten under slime containers and shelf clutter. I went into her room to drop off some laundry and decided to post my own inspirational message.”

Image Source: Rachel Pavlik

Getting kids to clean their room is like the holy grail of parenting. Honestly, I have zero ideas how other parents do it. For Pavlik, though, keeping a clean room is something that is absolutely expected.

“I make my kids clean their own rooms,” she states, before adding, “We see how well that’s going!”

But if she had one piece of advice to impart on other parents, it’s this: “I’d say give up … just rip up all carpet and put a drain in the middle of a concrete floor like they have at the zoo.”

For Pavlik, having a creative daughter is great, but it also means having a boatload of disasters to clean up.

“The carpet in her room looks like a crime scene,” she says. “She makes slime every day. We buy gallons of glue. All of my Tupperware is missing.”

(Holy cow, lady — I can 1,000% relate!)

For all the parents out there looking for a funny and creative way to address the universal problem of a messy kid room, well, take note from Rachriot’s book of parenting. She’s got this down.

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