The Internet Has Fallen in Love with This Adorable Toddler Who Mistook a Water Heater for a Robot

When life’s got you down, sometimes you just need a friend.

Just ask one adorable 2-year-old named Rayna, who was out for a walk when she met what she thought was a robot outside her neighbor’s house.

Naturally, the toddler was overjoyed at meeting a potential new friend in the neighborhood. And while it may have turned out to be a hot water heater, and not in fact a cool robot, her dad kept that part a secret — and filmed her adorable reaction.

The Internet has been gushing over it ever since.

Though the adorable encounter first happened back in March of 2014, the video is just now going viral, after her dad Jordan uploaded it to YouTube on March 27.

“Rayna spotted this as we went out to play and started to say ‘robot!'” Jordan said in a statement shared with Babble. “I turned on my camera to record as we approached the ‘robot.'”

You can see in the video that Rayna is instantly fond of her new buddy. “Hi wobot,” she says a few times, before proceeding to lovingly hug it and declare, “I wove wou wobot!”

Jordan says that the “robot” stayed at the road for a few days and that, “Rayna made several trips out to visit with it and give it more hugs.” And when it was finally taken away by the garbage men, her dad had the best response: he told her the robot went back to outer space. (So cute!) He also shares that little Rayna has quite a thing for robots — even her turtle is named Robot!

There are few things more heartwarming than the love and imagination of a little one. That’s probably why the video has gone super viral in just 24 hours, receiving over 931K views, 21K likes, and 1K sweet and hilarious comments since it was first posted on YouTube.

“As the girl turns away, a slow tear trickled down the water heater’s face,” writes one user (who clearly dabbles in satire). “For no one had ever told the water heater they loved him before.”

Others admit they could totally understand the girl’s confusion: “Was anyone else waiting for the robot to move or talk?” wrote another user.

And many commenters note that Rayna’s friendly approach might be a good tactic for any future alien invasions. “THIS is how you end a robot takeover, Will Smith …” writes one user.

One thing’s for sure: this girl — and her lovable “robot” — is sure to brighten your day.

h/t: Huffington Post

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