Mom Transforms Doll to Grant Son’s Christmas Wish: “He Just Wanted to Play with His Sister”

Siblings have tricky relationships — I know this because I have three kids, and I often find myself totally mystified by their love/hate attitudes toward each other. One constant, though, is that the younger ones almost always wants to emulate the older ones, right down to the toys they play with. Aussie mom Rebbecca Poultney saw this firsthand recently, when her 5-year-old son Mason wanted to play dolls with his big sister, but discovered the doll he wanted didn’t seem to exist.

Image Source: Rebbecca Poultney

Poultney’s daughter Sophie is in love with Our Generation dolls — which for those of us in the States are pretty similar to American Girl dolls — but there apparently wasn’t an affordable boy version of the doll to offer Mason.

Poultney tells Babble that her son “adores” his older sister, and loves playing beside her. “He just really wanted to play with his sister,” she explains, “but she is very protective of her doll and did not want not want him to touch.”

So Poultney saw an opportunity.

“Sophie wanted another doll for Christmas and when asked, Mason would say, ‘And I am getting a boy one,'” says Poultney. “I would just say, ‘Maybe mate, we will have to see if Santa has boy dolls.’”

I’ve frantically run around town in an effort to check off my kids’ never-ending holiday lists for years, so I can definitely relate to trying to make even the most impossible sounding gift happen for my kids. But Poultney went one step further.

At first, she scoured the Internet for boy versions of Sophie’s beloved doll, but after shipping costs were factored in, it was clear that simply buying one online wasn’t going to happen.

“I looked online [at] Kmart and could never find a boy doll,” she explains. “I found the American [Girl] doll line range on eBay has a boy and they look very similar, but it would have cost around $150. The cheaper range at Kmart was only $32 and I thought why not, just try and see what happens.”

And so, with a little bit of creative magic (and a good pair of scissors), Poultney came up with truly brilliant idea to solve this problem: She transformed the doll herself.

Image Source: Rebbecca Poultney

Poultney says that she initially planned to take the doll to her hairdresser for a little transformation, but that “on the spur of the moment” she came home from work and decided to cut it herself.

“I knew that I could order a boy wig on eBay if the hair cut completely failed,” she admits. Luckily, though, she nailed it.

After giving the doll a short and sporty haircut, Poultney ordered shorts, a top, and shoes on the website Wish to complete the look. Then she gave him a new name to match: Jacob.

Image Source: Rebbecca Poultney

Let’s give this mama the round of applause she deserves … We can’t to find out what Mason thinks on Christmas morning!

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