Mom Takes Same Photo of Husband and Daughter for Years and Shares Them All in Heartfelt Post

There really is something just so sweet and tender about seeing a father holding his young daughter’s hand. When my own daughter was first born last year, my husband held her close and whispered softly to her. I never learned what he said, but it was a lovely first private moment between the two of them and to this day I sure wish I had a photo of that moment.

Reddit user MrsIronbad knows what I am talking about. The mom of one has been secretly taking photos of her husband and daughter holding hands anytime they are walking ahead of her for the better part of four years. She recently uploaded 16 of the precious images to her Reddit account and has caught quite a bit of public attention for it. And while she says her husband and her 5-year-old daughter don’t yet know about the images, keeping the secret will surely be harder now that the photos are becoming a runaway hit.

Image Source: MrsIronbad/Reddit

“The idea of taking photos of them holding hands started with this photo [from 2014],” shares Mrsironbad, who asked remain anonymous. “My daughter is just 1 year old in that photo and just learned how to walk.”

Image Source: MrsIronbad/Reddit

She says she captured the perfect moment thanks to some perfect timing, and “then it just snowballed from there.”

“Whenever we are out of the house, going to the movies or just doing some family outdoor activities, I just subtly let them walk ahead of me then I take some photos,” she tells Babble. “Whenever we are out walking, Kate just naturally turns to her dad to hold her hands. Makes it really convenient for me to take photos of simple but touching moments like holding hands.”

Image Source: MrsIronbad/Reddit

Mrsironbad’s daughter loves to hold her dad’s hand, especially when walking so the opportunity for great photos presents itself fairly regularly.

“The reason I am able to take those photos,” she jokes, “is that she likes holding her dad’s hand more than she does with me!”

Like most mothers, MrsIronbad is the default family photog and is rarely seen in her family pictures. As a fellow mom, I can relate to this so hard. I’m in so few pictures that I sometimes take awkward selfies just to prove that I live here too.

But I digress …

The photos have been blowing up on Reddit, which came as something of a surprise to MrsIronbad.

“I was expecting that it will just get a few thousand of upvotes but I really wasn’t expecting for it blow up like that,” she admits.

Speaking from experience, capturing everyday moments can be hard enough with kids who never to seem to smile on cue, but being able to repeat the magic of a sweet shot between parent and child is almost unheard of. I can’t wait to find out how MrsIronbad plans to reveal her collection of images to her husband and daughter. I’m betting there won’t be a dry eye in the house!

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