Remember MASH? Here’s the Mom Edition

Do you remember the game MASH? Figuring out if you were going to live in a “Mansion, Apartment, Shack, or House” was childhood nostalgia at its best. As a kid, I spend endless hours playing that game with friends, which got me thinking … why isn’t there a MASH for moms?!

Well, now there is! This is Babble, after all.

We replaced the childhood categories such as “Type of Car” or “Career” with topics that are more applicable to us as mothers. So tell us, at what age will you get your first gray hair? Or what food can be found on the floor of your car?

For those of you who haven’t played in a while, here are the basic rules:

  1. Print out our free MASH printable for Moms, or our free Baby Shower MASH printable for Moms-to-be.
  2. Draw a spiral on a piece of paper, until your friends (or your toddler) tells you to stop.
  3. Count the number of loops in your spiral to give you a “Spiral Number.”
  4. Starting at the M at top, count left to right, and down the columns, using your spiral number and cross off that option every time you reach your spiral number.
  5. Continue doing this until you only have one option left in each category. Circle that final answer and skip over it from then on.
  6. You are finished when you have a final answer in each category, and your future will be revealed!

MASH-MOMS-to-print-resized2Download the printable version here: MASH for Moms

But lest we forget our mamas-to-be, we also created MASH for Baby Showers. Because wouldn’t it be fun to use this game to find out about pregnancy cravings, or the number of years until you’ll drive a minivan?

Go ahead, relive your youth over a glass of wine (or juice) with friends!MASH-Baby-Shower-to-print-resizedDownload the printable version here: MASH for Baby Showers

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