Dad Writes Rap Song to Make His Wife Laugh While Their Twins Were in the PICU

Last week I sent out our family’s annual holiday cards. We had professional photos taken a few months back, I chose a design I liked on Shutterfly, ordered them, and sent them out promptly. I was feeling quite accomplished about it all. That is, until, I went onto Facebook and was greeted with the Price family video card. It was then that I realized that photo cards were SO last year’s goals, and that a cute photo of your kids emblazoned with the greetings “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” is nothing compared to composing, performing, and choreographing your entire family of seven to a clever, three-minute rap song.

Helmed by family patriarch Rich, who is one-third of the band The Sweet Remains, “Swish” is brilliantly catchy, clever, and hilarious and features the musician, his five sons (yes, FIVE) as well as the queen of the family, his wife Kimberly.

“I used to be a player. I used to play ball. Now I got my own team. Five boys in all,” Rich raps, surrounded by his boys on the court of the local YMCA.

“They call me Winslow Curry cuz my shot is money. I got more hops than the Easter bunny,” continues his firstborn son, paying homage to NBA star Steph.

And then son number two: “My name is William, I’m a big rebounder. I get triple-doubles like I ate a Quarter Pounder.”

“I’m Wesley Price, I’m small like Klay Thompson. I’ve got more Magic than Earvin Johnson,” raps son number three.

While the twins, Matthew and Merritt, are too young to rap along, Rich introduces the family’s youngest boys who “will sneak by you like a weasel and a ferret.”

But his sweetest words are reserved for his beautiful wife, who is clearly the captain of her team.

“Meet the member of our team that keeps us all together. Our MVP forever and ever,” he raps.

“She’s a dream come true like a genie in a wish. And when she takes a shot, you know it’s a swish. Like a Jedi Knight. Mama always keeps it right.”

Rich, a lifelong musician who even has a song on the Shrek 2 soundtrack, explains to Babble that he put together the rap during a trying time earlier this year when the couple’s twins were in the PICU with a respiratory illness.

“Things in our house were pretty tense,” he said.

“Kimberly and I have learned that we deal with stress differently — she cleans and cleans and cleans. I write songs. This song really started as a way the boys and I could make Mommy laugh, and once we were finished I thought it would be fun to film a music video too!”

The family filmed the video on a Saturday afternoon at their local YMCA, where the kids went to preschool.

“We shot a couple of times through as a group, then one time each individually. Kimberly only got one take — I think she crushed it! But the boys only last 38 minutes, before total meltdowns and uncontainable monkeying around, so we ended early. I went to edit it later that day thinking we didn’t have anything usable. But watching the footage back I saw that everyone had totally nailed it! I’ve probably watched it hundreds of times, and I still laugh every time. So if other people are getting a kick out of it too, that’s just awesome.”

In addition to filming music videos together, the Price children definitely know how to get down.

“Last night we had a dance-off to the soundtrack to Hamilton,” Rich quips.

“Lots of popping and locking going on.”

If you are like me and already sent out your boring holiday card, just remember: there’s always next year.

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