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Ridiculous Reasons Why Mom Is Crying

One of my favorite pictures of my son is not one you’d expect. It’s a picture of him standing over a glass of milk and bowl of pea-shaped crackers, his arms outstretched in disbelief, a huge pout splayed across his face, and tears pouring down his checks.

Image Source: Heather Neal
Image Source: Heather Neal

I remember the moment so well: he was crying because he wanted more pea crackers and all I could do was try to hide my laugh behind my hand as I snapped a picture. Before you think I’m an awful mom, his bowl was STILL FULL OF CRACKERS.

It’s my favorite picture not because he’s crying, but because it documents such a real-life moment as a mom. The ones that leave you laughing for almost no reason. I’m not alone here: #WhyMyKidIsCrying is popular among moms everywhere because we can all relate.

This got me thinking: kids aren’t the only ones crying over ridiculous things. Moms are, too.

As evidenced by the fact that I burst into big, fat, ugly tears the other day on the way home from preschool when I dropped my last granola bar out of reach. Or when my son didn’t get into a pre-K program. Or when my son drank the last of my smoothie, and I simultaneously shed a tear and laughed out loud at the chocolate now covering his face from chin to forehead.

Again, I’m not alone — here are the ridiculous reasons moms are crying these days:

A library nightmare

“When L was younger, I tried to bring him to storytelling at the library. He was the only baby that wouldn’t sit and listen, and I had to chase him everywhere. I left in tears.” — JG

Sad storybook endings

“Every time I read a book with a touching ending, I would choke up. No kidding. Even the last page of Green Eggs and Ham.” — BT

The case of the missing birth certificates

“I couldn’t find the boys birth certificates and I cried because my husband didn’t remember where I put them either!” — JH

Doesn’t anybody love me … or the fish

“I cried right after K was born because A and H didn’t want to go to Petsmart with me to get supplies for the beta fish.” — CH

An unfortunate mispronunciation

“When M was first saying words he would say ‘milk’ but it sounded just like ‘beer.’ I cried one time when he said he wanted a ‘beer’ in public because I didn’t want people to think I was a bad mom.” — TR

The one-sided breakfast

“I cried this morning because he would only nurse on one side and I knew that meant I had to pump (I dislike pumping and didn’t have time to).” — JS

When mom needs a burger — stat

“When my child decided he didn’t like Red Robin and wouldn’t go there for dinner. I was really hungry and craving it and legitimately cried.” — JV

RIP ham biscuit, I barely knew you

“When I went to answer the door when I was pregnant, my dog ate my ham biscuit and I literally cried.” — JM

Sandwiches cut in half FTW

“I cried once because my husband brought me a sandwich cut in half, and I was intensely grateful that he realized I’d need it cut to eat one-handed whilst breastfeeding our shark-toothed newborn.” — JW


As you can see (or know for yourself), moms can cry for the tiniest of reasons. Sometimes they matter and sometimes they don’t. But the real truth is this: even though moms may cry at the drop of a hat, don’t be fooled. We have an innate ability to hold it together when it counts.

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