Mom Celebrates Daughter’s First Year with Elaborate Photo Shoots — All for $20 or Less

Mom Celebrates Daughter's First Year with Elaborate Photoshoots

From a beach babe to a future astronaut, this mom created the cutest month-by-month photos of her baby — all for $20 or less!

Posted by Babble on Thursday, October 5, 2017

Full-time mom, part-time food stylist, and blogger at “The Sweet Mama Life,” Rosie Maxhimer is the crafter we always wished we could be.

Unabashedly considering the arts and crafts store Michaels “a very close friend,” you could say Maxhimer knows her way around a glue gun. Back in her child-free days, Maxhimer was known to take on a number of projects around the house and constructed homemade gifts for friends. (Sounds like a BFF we want to have … hint, hint.)

But once her daughter Annabelle was born, she knew her time was about to change dramatically. But did her artistic days have to end?

Instead of giving up that part of herself, Maxhimer decided to channel her creativity into projects with her baby — in the form of monthly photos. While many parents take these milestones as an opportunity to be clever on Instagram, Maxhimer took this to a whole new level.

baby in beach scene photo
Image Source: Rosie Maxhimer

Every month for an entire year, Maxhimer portrayed her daughter in a themed photograph — each scene created for $20 or less! The new mom knew that this project had the potential to get a littleee out of hand (thanks to Amazon), so she set a budget for herself. But amazingly, most of the time she spent nothing at all.

Maxhimer found most of the props used in these impressive shots around the house. From bath towels used as clouds to an old green sweater for a tree, Maxihmer says the preparation for the photos “turned into a fun scavenger hunt.”

baby dressed as astronaut
Image Source: Rosie Maxhimer

And not only was the monthly project resourceful, but it turned out to be an intimate way to bond with Annabelle as well.

“I quickly learned that it was a lot of fun for both of us,” explained Maxhimer. “I had a crafty outlet, and she thought it was hilarious the way I would jump around above her making various animal sounds to get a reaction or smile out of her.”

First up, baby Annabelle surrounded by larger-than-life flowers at 1 month old.

1-month-old baby flower photo
Image Source: Rosie Maxhimer

“This one is funny to me,” Maxhimer told Babble. “It’s a perfect depiction of where we were at, just getting the hang of things as mama and baby life goes. We’ve come a long way.”

The second month photo was one of this mom’s favorites. She had attended a gathering on a boat with her family for her first Mother’s Day, so this photo commemorates that time.

2-month-old baby dressed for boat ride
Image Source: Rosie Maxhimer

Skip over a few months and we reach the shoot that embraces Annabelle’s southern roots! Maximer’s husband Robert Maxhimer is from Texas, so the 5-month-old pic was for their family.

“How she knew to give me a line dancing pose, I still don’t know!” joked Maxhimer.

5-month-old baby dressed as cowgirl
Image Source: Rosie Maxhimer

And last but not least … the big 12. At 12 months old, Annabelle embodied Little Red Riding Hood, of course protected by her daddy.

1-year-old baby dressed as Little Red Riding Hood
Image Source: Rosie Maxhimer

As much work went into this sweet time capsule of Annabelle’s first year, Maxihmer says she’s sad that it’s over. “Are 13, 14, 15-month photos a thing? Can we make it a thing?” Maxhimer said to Babble (only half joking).

But we don’t think she’ll have to worry about that for much longer, because she’s going to have a new photo muse on her hands pretty soon … Surprise! Baby No. 2 is coming this October, and we can’t wait to see what this crafty mom creates next.

Rosie Maxhimer with daughter and baby bump
Image Source: Rosie Maxhimer
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