Little Girl Slays Halloween with Hilarious (and Spot-On) SAHM Costume

Well, this girl’s Halloween costume just won the Internet. Instead of dressing up as your typical princess or ballerina this year, little Lainie decided to keep it real. I mean, really real. Like, so real I thought I was looking in a mirror.

I bet you think you’re really funny, LAINIE. Just wait until you’ve had three kids and 37 hours of labor and stretch marks and haven’t slept properly for nine years and all you’ve managed to nourish yourself with is reheated coffee and French-fried onions you stress eat directly from the can while hiding from your family in the pantry wondering where it all went wrong. Let’s see how you look then, LAINIE.

Oh, sorry. Where was I?

Right, this adorable little girl decided this year she was going as an exhausted mom — dark circles, vomit on the shoulder, messy hair, and all. She’s holding one kid with another clinging to her leg, a move most of us seasoned mothers know all too well. She capped off her look with the standard issued mom uniform of sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Which is funny because it’s true.

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I brought my son to school last week in my pajama pants. I drove all the way to his school before I realized I never actually changed out of my pajamas. (What can I say. I work from home. There are days I never get out of my pajamas. How could something so wrong feel so right?) I didn’t have time to drive home and change so I had to go into his school and drop him all the while he yelled to everyone we passed, “Look at my mom! She is in her pajamas!” I would have given anything for a pair of sweatpants to magically appear.

A family friend shared Lainie’s classic costume on Facebook, and it’s quickly becoming a fan favorite. It’s already garnered over 180K likes and 22K comments since Saturday. If there was an Internet costume contest, I’d say little Lainie has taken top prize. And reading some of the comments, it’s nice to see as a population we moms still have our sense of humors intact. Even if by Lainie’s estimation the rest of us are a hot mess.

I, for one, am a big fan. Any costume that can make people laugh is a plus in my book. I have a feeling this little girl and her mom will be killing it for many years to come.

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