This Dad’s Hilarious “Post-Baby Body” Is So Relatable, You Can’t Help But Laugh

As women, most of us will struggle with body image at some point in our lives, and possibly never more so than after we have children.

Our postpartum bodies can serve as a source of frustration as we come to the realization that we may never look the way we did before having kids again. Then, there are those of us who embrace our postpartum bodies in all their glory … like this man.

Who says women get to have all the “fun”?

Father of two Sammy Baugh decided to show the world his postpartum bod by sharing a “before and after” picture of himself alongside the caption: “145lbs to 180lbs married with 2 kids in 4 years!”

sammy baugh dad bod
Image source: Sammy Baugh

The 30-year-old father of Sammy, 2, and Amelia, 1, tells Babble his family’s schedule is extremely chaotic. With he and his wife working full-time on somewhat opposite schedules, “we don’t really have much time to maintain that perfect summer bod,” he jokes.

There’s no doubt having kids is exhausting. Between the sleepless nights, working, and meals eaten standing up while chasing toddlers, the pounds can creep on if you aren’t careful … and sometimes even if you are.

Baugh says that after a full day’s work, it’s dinner, baths, and the marathon that is bedtime. Then, it’s time to clean the house and attempt to put away the “hurricane of toys scattered throughout.” Work, eat, clean, sleep, rinse, repeat. Before you know it, a year has passed.

Baugh tells Babble that he and his wife used to work out four or five days a week, but since having kids there isn’t much time left “to go for a run, hit the gym, swim some laps, or make fools of ourselves in one of those dancing fitness classes.”

I feel you. And then there is the food!

“When we had our son, all of our strict diet habits went out the window and it was open season for anything that was deep fried and cooked to order in less time than it look to swipe our debit cards,” Baugh explains.

And when his wife had pregnancy cravings, well, he joined in. “I wasn’t going to let her eat alone. What loving husband would do that?” he says. Hey, sometimes you just have to take one for the team.

Baugh says he decided to trade in going to the gym in favor of making his kids dinner. He would rather be “spending time with them at the kitchen table as Amelia and Sammy belt out the entire Moana soundtrack in between fistfuls of food” anyway. “I love having this dad bod of mine. It screams ‘I am a DAD and I am not afraid to show it off!'”

And hey, why not embrace it? It seems the “dad bod” is something of a source of pride for men these days. So men, if you find yourself with six-pack abs feeling left out, you can always strap on a hairy belly pouch to give the illusion of a dad bod until you can earn one naturally.

Fatherhood looks good on you, Sammy!

Article Posted 11 months Ago

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