Mom of 2-Week-Old Doesn’t Understand Why We Think Motherhood Is So Hard

New mothers are so adorable. Take this one for example. This new mom decided she’d had enough of all of us disgusting, lazy parents venting about parenthood online and wanted to get a few things off her chest. The Facebook page Sanctimommy shared her tirade back in January, but it has since been making the Internet rounds this week, and moms everywhere were found giggling in dirty living rooms all throughout the land.

Since this poor woman’s words were shared and then shared again thousands of times online, she has been set straight by legions of us experienced mamas.

She did admit she was only two weeks into motherhood when she wrote, “but so far I’ve managed to get enough sleep, cook decent meals for my family, keep my apartment clean, …”

Two weeks! GAH, the only thing worse would have been if she said, “I’m only a mother of two cats but so far …”

Even still, I am going to give her a break. I mean, we’ve all been there. At two weeks, you are in the honeymoon phase. You are surviving on adrenaline and sheer terror. Every tiny grunt and stretch and poop is adorable. Your baby can do no wrong. Your partner can do no wrong. Your neighbor’s gifted casserole heats up perfectly. Everything is bliss.

And then your baby becomes mobile. And you go back to work. And your toddler throws a movie-theater sized box of Nerds on the kitchen floor for fun. Who in the HELL bought these Nerds in the first place?! And your husband can’t find the milk even though it is RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF HIS STUPID FACE IF HE WOULD JUST OPEN HIS STUPID EYES. And so on and so on until one day you realize you’ve been walking by the same Cheerio on the stairwell for three weeks and you are simply too tired to reach down and pick it up. The tiny whole grain cereal has won.

According to the admin of the page, “This has been our most popular post, ever.” It’s understandable why it’s been shared so wildly. Many of us know how it feels to be that smug parent with a child under preschool age. And we always eat our words. Always.

I’m sure one day this mother will look back and laugh at herself. Until then, let’s not be too hard on her. We’ve all been there. One day soon enough, she will be one of our peanut butter-stained, chicken nugget-eating tribe. And we should welcome her with open arms.

h/t: Scary Mommy

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