Mom Writes Hilarious Letter to Build-A-Bear, Has the Internet Cry-Laughing

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Image source: Sarah Rawsthorne

A recent message left by a British mother on Build-A-Bear’s Facebook page serves as a hilarious testament to both a mother’s love for her child and the limits of her patience.

According to the Manchester Evening News, Sarah Rawsthorne’s 9-year-old daughter Ruby has been a Build-A-Bear aficionado since she was in utero, back when the mother created the very first bear for her unborn daughter. Since then, the little girl has been seriously into building and collecting the stuffed animals to the tune of over $6,000 worth of bears in her life thus far. That’s a lot of loot directed towards a young person’s hobby!

But Rawsthorne has hit the bear wall, so to speak. The first few sentences of her Facebook post capture something so many parents can relate to:

“Dear Build a Bear Workshop. Today is a day of change, today I make a stand. A stand not just for me but for all the other long suffering parents, who like me have endured your stores for years on end. I shall explain myself, bear with me. Did you see what I did there? I know, it’s pretty amazing that I managed to crack a joke because today around 3pm, in one of your stores, I lost the will to live.”

If you’ve ever spent time in a place where your kid loves to be, but that irks you at times (especially after a decade of allegiance), you know exactly what she’s talking about. Rawsthorne gave Babble the lowdown on how her hilarious post came about.

“I wrote the post after spending a good 45 minutes in Build-A-Bear and realizing that there was no joy for me despite me paying the bill. Whilst in the store, this was perfectly summed up for me by a member of staff asking if I had found everything that I wanted in the store today, to which I responded actually I have lost something. The member of staff asked with concern what that could be. When I informed her that it was my will to live, she sighed, looked uncomfortable and asked me if I had smelled the new scents available for the bears. It was at this point that I realized that my will to live may never return.”
Rawsthorne accepts full responsibility for her Build-A-Bear dilemma — there’s no passing the buck for this mom … well, except maybe at the checkout. But now she’s ready to make her real stand — with excellent humor, I might add. Basically, this whole bear thing has gotten out of control, she says.
“It was fun for the first few years, but my daughter is 9 now and I can confirm that there are more shoes for bears in my house than there are for humans. The bears have a better wardrobe than myself, and no, their bum never gets too big for their outfits, the smug little bears! Doing my best not to swear, but I can tell you, there have been many a bad word muttered in your stores. I know it’s all my own fault, I give in to it time and time again.”
Any parent with a Lego-loving kid can tell you that the pieces are everywhere. It can’t be much easier when it’s bear shoes you’re tripping over in the night.

“So what is my point? Ok here it is. When I walk in to a BAB store it’s pure hell to me but pure heaven to my daughter. She wants all the bears and the shoes and the little teeny tiny hair clips and all that shizz. I want to fake my own death. Yet it is me, the parent, the long suffering parent who is standing there in a £2 primark top spending £8 on a BAB top for a bear that’s costing me the best part of £20 who needs shoes, another tenner there, and a passport and god only knows what else my daughter will insist on the bear needing that day, who is paying for this? Me!”

It seems as though the store’s marketing style has more or less caught up with the mom. And judging from the hundreds of like-minded responses to her post, it’s caught up with other parents as well. Still, she told Babble, she isn’t taking any of this too seriously.

“I have a blog and I do take Facebook and other online platforms very tongue in cheek. I enjoy writing humorous posts. On the whole, the response has been positive as a lot of people have understood the nature of the post, however some people have failed to see the humor and offered me practical advice such as maybe not spoiling my child.”

In the end, Rawsthorne isn’t asking for much, really. She simply wants to be able to catch her breath at Build-A-Bear, the place her daughter really loves.

“Please don’t get me wrong, take my money, I work hard to make my child happy. But please, please, please can you give us an area of the store we can sit and stare at a plain white wall, perhaps even offer us a refreshment, conversation that isn’t about a great new smell to shove in the bears bum.”

Truth, justice, and a quiet corner for parents to try and regain their sanity — is that really asking too much?

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