Mom Issues “New Rules” for School Drop-Off That Have Parents Everywhere Slow Clapping

little girls say good bye with father at school drop-off.
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Each morning, at schools across the country, the drop-off line becomes a silent battleground for parents everywhere. Some take a more casual approach to the morning routine, and have no problem taking their sweet time with goodbyes. They triple check that their kid has their lunch box, ask for an extra hug, and linger a bit as they watch their child enter the school. Others are just trying to get moving and would really appreciate it if those who aren’t in a hurry would just park somewhere else, instead of holding up the line.

Stephanie Blakely Calabrace definitely falls into the latter camp.

The Nashville, Tennessee mom has had quite enough of all the morning hold-ups, thankyouverymuch, and recently penned a hilarious Facebook post that has like-minded parents everywhere nodding their heads in agreement.

“I’m only going to say this once,” Calabrace’s post begins. “If you have to bathe and dress your kid, comb their hair, scramble them an egg, and write them a send off letter before they can exit the car — YOU DO NOT BELONG IN THE SCHOOL DROP OFF LINE.”

YASSS preach it, sister!

Calabrace then goes on to list some unspoken “requirements” for parents who are entering the drop-off line:

“Only people who raised their kids to jump out of the car with backpacks loaded like they are storming the beaches of Normandy while the car is at a slow roll are allowed in the drop off line,” she declares, before adding this fearsome warning: “I will be giving stink eye warnings today but tomorrow I’m issuing citations.”

This mom means business, people! And I for one am here for it.

Calabrace tells Babble that she was inspired to write the post after witnessing a parent who would “physically exit her car every morning to retrieve backpacks from her trunk and place them on each of her 12-year-old’s backs.”

If Calabrace had it her way, school drop-off would run like a well-oiled machine. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t always go that smoothly.

“I just found it amusing and worthy of a little internal eye roll and a lighthearted Facebook post to my friends and family,” she shares. Apparently, so did a lot of other parents, too —it’s racked up over 16K reactions and 10K shares to date.

Not everyone has been laughing, though. According to Calabrace, “Ninety-five percent of people took it as it was intended: lighthearted and silly.” But others accused her of being impatient and insensitive.

“[That] is simply not true and not representative of who I am,” Calabrace explains.

Personally, I completely get where she’s coming from, and tend to be the mom who’s yelling for her kids to get going once we make it to the front of the line. Of course, there have been a few times when one of my sons suddenly needed to check something in his backpack, or had some other kind of issue before hopping out. Whenever that happens, I look for somewhere to park so we don’t hold up the line. After all, I wouldn’t want to make anyone late for work because my kid forgot his homework.

In the end, Calabrace hopes that parents don’t take her post too personally, and realize that it was meant as satire.

“I truly love the opportunity to drive my kids to school because I think it is valuable one-on-one time to invest before we go about our days,” she adds.

I can’t agree more. That time with our kids each morning is valuable — even if it sometimes comes with a little morning chaos on the side.

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