Couple with 13 Sons Is Expecting Once Again — and Keeping the Gender a Surprise

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People sometimes compare parents to “superheroes” after they have a baby, for things they do that are kind of amazing — finding lost pacifiers in the pitch dark, chasing monsters from under the bed, staying awake for nights on end. But when you’re talking about a mom and dad who have literally had 13 baby boys, you just gotta tip your hat. It’s that simple.

Indeed, Jay and Kateri Schwandt of Grand Rapids, Michigan are one such astonishing couple. They’ve had 13 sons in a row – and the best news is, they’re expecting a 14th baby in April!

First of all, what are the chances of even having that many boys? Apparently, Jay says folks have told him that the odds of having 13 boys in a row is 1 in 8,600 or so — and the odds of 14 in a row jumps to roughly 1 in 16,500.

“We have not personally verified these numbers, but it’s fun to get messages like that!” Jay tells Babble.

With so many boys, you’d also think they’d want to find out the gender of baby number 14 as soon as possible. But the couple has decided to keep it a surprise, which Jay says isn’t unusual for them — it’s just how they roll.

“We do not find out the gender of the baby beforehand,” Jay tells Babble. “I’ve always said that would be like opening your Christmas gifts on Thanksgiving. We enjoy the surprise, and when the moment comes we are glad that we have not found out prior to the baby being born! It keeps everybody guessing.”

Regardless of the sex of the baby, though, the Schwandts are over the moon about having another child.

“It’s been almost three years since we had a newborn in the house, and we can’t wait to hold another baby,” Kateri recently told TODAY.

Jay and Kateri have said publicly in the past that they’ve always known they wanted a big family. Kateri is also from a large family (she’s lucky number 13 out of 14 kids herself!) and Jay tells Babble that they are simply loving the life they have built thus far.

“We just love everything about having a huge family, and enjoy doing things together,” says Jay.

The Schawandts’ 13 boys range in age from adult to toddler: Tyler, 25, Zach, 22, Drew, 20, Brandon, 18, Tommy, 16, Vinny, 15, Calvin, 13, Gabe, 11, Wesley, 9, Charlie, 7, Luke, 6, Tucker, 4, and Francisco, 2.

While obviously a few of their sons are already adults, the majority are still at home, which begs the question: What is their household really like on an ordinary day? Jay is enthusiastic, but honest:

“It is a blessing to have all of these boys at home! My wife always says it’s like living in a locker room at times. Lots of roughhousing and shenanigans!”

Sounds like a fun, lively household — which will soon be even more hectic once the newborn arrives!

As of now, the Schwandts are enjoying their brood of 13, and are taking their time when it comes to picking out baby name options. After all, why rush? Better to enjoy the miracle as it unfolds — especially since, as the Schwandts have told the press in the past, this baby is most likely their last.

“It just feels like this is going to be it, and we’re going to enjoy every second of it,” Jay recently told WOOD-TV.

As they should. After all, it probably won’t be long until the next generation of Schwandts begins to arrive, and they will be able to enjoy a house full of grandchildren.

“It is something that we really look forward to,” says Jay. “We have adult children, and some of the girlfriends have been a part of our family for many years. It will be great to watch our family continue to grow over the years. The holidays and family vacations will be amazing in the years to come.”

h/t: TODAY

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